Woman files for divorce after seeing this photo

The one you will see below looks like a normal photo of a loving family dressed for the occasion, however, nothing could be further from the truth. So when her mother saw this photo, she immediately filed for divorce.

Can you see why?

None of the adults in this family thought that the photo session she had organized for her family would turn into a nightmare. She began the session excited to have a beautiful family memory.

However, when he looked at the photo on the way home, he began to have suspicions that something was up. She would never have believed it was possible, but this photo would reveal a secret that her husband had kept for a long time.


Shocked as she was, she moved her gaze to her husband’s hand. It’s not possible, right? This confirmed the doubts she had had about her husband for a while. She now had the proof she was missing. How is it possible for a person to be so blind for so long? She was beginning to feel a little silly for not noticing.

The protagonists of this story are Susan, 38 years old, and John, 45 years old. They had been together since college and they were one of those couples that everyone expects to stay together forever. Not only was their marriage apparently solid, they were also successful in working life. 

They both had a great job that had allowed them to live the life they had always dreamed of. They had been able to purchase a beautiful home and had two wonderful children. They had the dream life. Unfortunately, as we’ll see in the next few pages, it seems that John needed something else.

The photo as proof

The day this family photo was taken, Susan discovered that her husband had been carrying around a huge secret for years. How blind she had been all this time! she had been so happy…she would never have suspected anything. 

For her, everything was going smoothly and, for that very reason, she had organized the photo session, to capture her family happiness. A moment like this, when everything is going well and you are at the height of your happiness, must be immortalized, Susan thought. 

She then contacted a photographer she had met through a colleague. She had been told that he took very good photographs.


The photographer replied to her message almost immediately and said the shoot could take place the next day… Susan was so happy to have made an appointment so quickly, luck was with her. Everything would be ready to immortalize her happiness and that of her family. 

It was a beautiful sunny fall day. The leaves were already slightly discolored, but the weather was still nice and warm. Surely with such landscapes the photographs would be great! However, John seemed incapable of enjoying the good weather. He was nervous, and played with his shirt while they waited for the photographer.

That got Susan’s attention, and although she found it a bit strange, she decided better not to say anything. John didn’t like photographs and she knew it. She thought that this was probably the reason for her nervous behavior.


But as the photographer walked across the lawn toward them, John’s face lost all color, turned white, as if he had seen a ghost. He was trying to hide the discomfort from him as best he could, but he wasn’t quite succeeding.

Apparently, the photographer gave a warm welcome to the family. He had visited Susan and John several times and the family had always enjoyed his company. It could be said that they were acquaintances. 

John, however, suddenly did not know how to behave. With a nervous smile on his face, he looked at the camera. But deep down, he was breaking down. He could barely keep his composure in front of the camera. 

What was happening to him? What kind of thoughts must have come to your mind at those moments? Had she called by phone to make an appointment and carry out this session?

Smile, they are filming you

His secret was destroying him from the inside and it was clearly visible in the photos… Susan was going to have the surprise of her life. What she hadn’t noticed in all these years. However, all she had to do was pay a little attention. 

When, the next day, Susan received the photos that had been taken via her email, she was dying to see how they turned out. But she had to wait for her to finish her workday to be able to see them calmly. 

She sure would be a beautiful lifelong memory of her. She was already thinking about the photo albums she would buy and how she would organize them.

Filled with impatience, she returned home later that day. Once home, she opened her laptop and clicked on the file of her photos. One by one, she began to review them and smile at how well they had turned out. The photographer had outdone himself. 

The setting, the colors, the quality. He liked everything about them. The person he recommended to the photographer had hit the nail on the head. They were amazing! But suddenly he got a surprise. If you keep reading, you will understand why these photos had an impact on her.

Compromising photo

One of the photos left her perplexed. It is possible that she had not noticed it instantly when she saw the photo in a general way, at first glance it was just another photo. Everything about her was, in principle, perfect. 

But after a few seconds, there was one particular detail in this photograph that made Susan think something was wrong. So he took it in her hands and began to analyze it very closely and in detail. It was the photo in which the whole family appeared together. 

Her husband looked uncomfortable as he smiled for the camera. He remembered that day she had wondered why she was acting so nervous.

Suddenly, something occurred to him. She thought of the strange looks John and the photographer had exchanged and how John had sweated just before the photo shoot. She had never seen him so nervous for no apparent reason. 

Suddenly, her sixth sense gave her to understand. What he had subconsciously suspected was perhaps not so far-fetched. Perhaps, he would have to reflect on that possibility. 

Startled by what she was imagining, she brought her hand to her mouth. Could that be true? Read on if you want to know what she was suspecting.

Seeing things up close

Slowly, she began to zoom in on her husband’s hand… what could she find out? Unfortunately, Susan’s suspicions were confirmed. The thing she had secretly feared for some time. Her husband loved someone else. 

The ring on her finger was not her wedding ring, but a gift from a childhood friend of hers. Why hadn’t she worn the one from the wedding? What was happening? John’s hand confirmed her suspicion. 

She had thought for years that her husband was in love with the man she had met in high school and that she actually had a preference for men.

She had never dared to hint at it, she didn’t want to offend John or call him a liar. It would have been quite a problem if John had actually always been straight. 

If that had been the case, he would have called her crazy, for sure. That would have led to a couple crisis, sure. And the latter is something that our protagonist did not want to happen in any way. 

She wanted to continue enjoying her perfect family and her happy life. But right now, she had to face reality, maybe her life had never been what she seemed to be.

I was very confused at the time. Startled, Susan closed her laptop and stared straight ahead for a moment, stunned. And then she, suddenly, she saw it all with crystal clarity… If what she suspected was true, what would happen in her life now? How would she deal with it? She had no idea how she should act, or what was right or wrong. 

She was in shock but she had to stop to make decisions. She couldn’t pretend that nothing had happened, she wasn’t like that. If you want to know how Susan acted in this situation, you just have to keep reading, the mystery will be solved on the next page.

Facing the facts

Susan decided to talk to her husband about all these thoughts. When she got home from work a little later, she was waiting for him in the living room. She had already recovered from her emotions and she was calm enough to have a serious discussion with her husband. 

She needed to clarify the whole matter. She had prepared so that this discussion could take place in the best possible conditions. Therefore, she had asked the neighbor to take care of the children so that they would not be there during the argument.

And finally, John came home. When he saw her sitting alone, she knew that she couldn’t delay any longer, it was time to face reality. Surely that was the best he could do for everyone’s sake, she must have thought. 

He sat down across from her and let out a deep breath. And then he told her everything… Everything Susan had suspected was true. He wanted to confess it to her because of the love he had for her and her family. It was real love, he didn’t want to hurt either of them. 

The only way to not cause more pain had to be to stop pretending and admit the truth. This would also help him to relieve himself.

The truth

John finally had the courage to confess everything to his wife, he could no longer keep this heavy secret and he owed it to his wife. He had struggled with his sexuality for many years…perhaps for a lifetime. 

He was so afraid to tell Susan everything… but there was still something else he had to confess to her that would reveal the nerves he had on the day of the photo shoot. 

It turns out that the charming photographer who had visited them several times turned out to be more than just a family friend. He was a very important person in John’s hidden life.

In fact, John and the photographer had been dating for quite some time. Susan couldn’t believe what she was hearing. 

How had she not noticed? It sounded like the script for a B-movie…or a soap opera. Suddenly, her perfect life had been shattered. But, to John’s surprise, she reacted very differently to what the man would have expected… If you want to know what attitude Susan took in this delicate moment, you can calm your curiosity if you continue reading the content of the next page.


As John finished his story and sat sobbing across from her on the couch, she put a hand on his knee. With a sad smile on her face, she looked at her husband. 

Far from what anyone might think, there were no screams, there were no recriminations, there was no (apparently) anger. “It’s okay, honey,” she whispered. ” I forgive you “. 

Despite her infidelity and years of lies about her sexual orientation, Susan loved her husband and wanted nothing more than to be happy. Maybe she could accept it as it is. Maybe she could open up to other ways of living life and relationships.

Perhaps it was not necessary to live life following the masses. So the two decided to break the schemes of their lives, bet on adventure and joy. So despite all the love they had for each other, they decided to file for divorce. 

Both also found love with another person. But one thing has always remained the same: the unconditional love they had for each other and for their children. 

But although this love was romantic at first, their bond gradually became an indestructible friendship and their family, that happy family they had created, remained strong and happy…

The truth is, there is nothing that makes a person stronger than being true to oneself and, even so, having the acceptance of those around them. 

I wish everyone who goes through the same situation as John was able to accept differences and continue to love. 

Unfortunately, to this day, there are still people who reject homosexuality and are capable of denying themselves a relationship with someone of this sexual orientation. At least, it gives us hope to know that every day there are more people who dare to take the plunge.

Those brave who pursue a better life, in addition to opening a new path for themselves, open it for those who come after. We hope that this story has served you and aroused empathy towards all the characters that star in it. 

Nobody is good or bad, right? We are all a complex mix of thoughts and emotions, we are all human after all. We hope this story has been inspiring for you. 

And now you know, if you want to find more stories of self-improvement, you just have to keep browsing through the other articles that we have prepared for you.

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