Understanding Contraception

Do you know about Contraception?

Contraception is based on one of the following approaches or a combination of these contraception methods:

  • Stopping a fertilized egg from emerging.
  • Stopping a female egg from getting fertilized.
  • Preventing the implantation of a fertilized egg in the uterine lining

Various contraception option:

Various contraceptive methods can be analyzed with the help of the Pearl index. It has been proved that about 100 of all women who use this method become pregnant each year. If the Pearl index is low it means that the method is safer. If we consider sex without contraception the pearl index statistics are at 85 in case of 20 year olds; 50 for those who are 35 and 30 for the 40 year old ones.

The menopause makes the age group of 40-50 be at 0. How it has been used determines the safety of all contraception methods. Cause of the failure of most contraception options is mostly application error. A comparison between maximum usage and applying practically makes a lot of difference in pearl index statistics.

Natural and other contraception methods:

The natural contraception options including natural family planning called the case. Based on the menstruation cycle of women it should be decided whether it is possible to have infertile sex without contraception methods. When you are fertile you should either not have sex or use contraception processes. It is necessary to perform safe sex.

Natural contraceptive options depend on the menstrual cycle of women. The only natural method that can actively pursue a man is the coitus interruptus which is an extremely uncertain method. Other methods like measuring hormones and calculating temperature or the Billings process can help. There are also free software projects which allow the reliable detection and interpretation of readings.

Hormonal contraception methods:

Estrogen and progestin determine the hormonal contraception. Contraceptive synthetic derivatives of natural hormones are used because they are more effective and achieve the contraceptive effect at lower levels and with fewer side effects. The dose strength of micro pills is very less.The oral contraception options that are combinations of estrogen and progestin have two working functionalities:

  1. Suppression of ovulation
  2. Difficulty of the passage of sperm by altering the consistency of the mucus of the cervix

Pure progestin constitutes the three month injection and the contraceptive implants as well as the IUS. The so-called mini-pill contains only progesterone and works with their low dose because of the continued influence on the cervical mucus during the ovulation.

But there are side effects of the medicine desogestrel. Condoms and female condoms not only function as contraception methods but they are effective for preventing STDs too. Spermicides come in the form of ointments and gels or suppositories and foam or sprays. These can be applied in the vagina to make it impossible for the sperms to reach the vagina.

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