Understanding Colon Cancer

The colon is considered as one of the most important parts of our digestive system. Colon cancer occurs when malignant tissue within the colon grows.

The digestive system is seriously harmed by it. Colon cancer is mainly caused by incorrect eating habits. High fiber diets like vegetables and fruits are responsible for reducing the risk of colon cancer. If anyone in your family has had this disease before, then there is a larger chance of your developing this type of cancer. Colon cancer symptoms are widely found in older people. Most of the patients who need colon cancer treatments are above the age of 50.

Most Common Colon Cancer Symptoms

Some common colon cancer symptoms are abdominal pain, constipation, blood spots in stool, prolonged diarrhea, or any other abnormal bowel-related activity. These are not normal digestion-related problems. In case of any abnormalities in your body, you should consult your doctor immediately to confirm whether or not you have colon cancer. Always ask for effective colon cancer treatments. Correct diagnosis is essential for effective treatment.

Doctors might advise you to undergo some tests that are helpful in determining a diagnosis. The most common of these tests is a colonoscopy of the colon. During this test, an empty bowel is needed before examining by the doctor.

A small surgical scope containing a camera is then inserted into the rectum while a patient is under anesthesia. The doctor then, using the scope, examines the colon for any irregular growths or damage to the gastrointestinal wall. If the doctor does see irregular growths or polyps, she may remove them or take a small biopsy, a tissue sample.

This biopsy sample can be later tested to determine if it is cancerous. Other times, a special type of x-ray may be used to check the colon or larger digestive system for irregularities.

Colon Cancer Treatments That Work

Colon cancer treatments are entirely dependent on the stage of the cancer. In order to get effective treatment, colon cancer symptoms should be detected at a very early stage. The number of colon cancer treatments available is numerous. Researchers and doctors are always trying to look for newer and better ways of treatment of colon cancer.

Surgical treatments are often the first course of action. The main aim of treatments for colon cancer is to remove the tissues which have been affected by cancer. Surgery may be used in conjunction with chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

The treatment for the colon cancer of various stages is not same. Larger cancer incidences may be treated by anastomosis, or the resectioning of the colon. Doctors remove the affected section of the colon and reconnect the remaining healthy sections back together to reform a single continuous gastrointestinal tract.

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