The most unusual and daring wedding dresses ever seen

Our big day is a chance to wear glamorous clothes and show the world what we can do when we make a little effort and celebrate our love, right? After all, many girls grow up thinking about their dream wedding dress and finding their soul mate.

Just because some of us have that dream doesn’t mean we always want to blend in with the crowd. How can we be normal when we are all so different? The most fun wedding dresses certainly give brides plenty of ways to go against the grain if they so choose.

Getting married doesn’t have to be a cold affair

Why sacrifice your comfort when you walk down the aisle? Wedding dresses may look great on the hanger, but it won’t be long until many brides realize how uncomfortable – and cold – they can be. Fortunately, things don’t always have to be this way if you have crochet needles and yarn on hand.

Getting married doesn't have to be a cold affair
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All you need to do is create the perfect sleeping bag and add some bridal details, and you should be ready to walk down the aisle. If you want to take things a step further, why not use your outfit as a grand reveal for another wedding dress, like some sort of butterfly emerging from her cocoon?

Elegant Peacocks Might Not Be Everyone’s Wedding Inspiration

It may not be a secret that peacocks are known to be some of the funniest and most beautiful creatures on the planet. After all, how many animals could you name that know how to take their appearance to elevated levels with the flick of their tail? That doesn’t necessarily mean we have to look to birds for inspiration.

Elegant Peacocks Might Not Be Everyone's Wedding Inspiration
Source: Wedding Clan

That didn’t stop one designer from making one of the most unique wedding dresses of all time. What looks fabulous on the red carpet might look a little out of place walking down the aisle, but if there’s one thing peacocks know how to do, it’s steal the scene. Maybe that’s what some brides want from their dresses?

Great architecture doesn’t always make great wedding dresses

The incredible buildings and ancient architecture of the world have been the inspiration for many great things over the years. In fact, many times iconic buildings from around the world have been used as inspiration on runways, too. The problem? Things don’t always go completely as planned when it comes to wedding dresses.

Great architecture doesn't always make great wedding dresses
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While those faces and figures may look great on Gothic ceilings and buildings, they may not be what we’re all looking for in a wedding dress. After all, does a screaming face really scream “wedding”? Maybe so, especially when the groom’s pin seems to match the bride so well with those unusual details.

Bringing dessert to the table literally

Why let wedding cake be the only dessert available when you can be a snack on your own? That’s what many brides think. That or they really know how to make a budget and stick to it when it comes to planning your big day and everything you need.

Bringing dessert to the table literally
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It’s perhaps no secret that the wedding cake alone can cost thousands of dollars if we let it, not to mention the dress. Why pay for two separate things when you can combine the two ideas into one? Sure, it may be difficult to do the first dance or eat or sit or walk, but does it really matter?

Feeling bubbly has never been easier on your wedding day

We all want something different in our wedding dress, with several brides looking for ways to stand out from the crowd and create something that has never been seen before. Still, there may be a reason why people haven’t tried to spice things up on their big day until now. Are you a fan of bubbles?

Feeling bubbly has never been easier on your wedding day
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Maybe you want a winter-themed wedding and hope to bring a snowman to life in ways only “Jack Frost” could dream of. Apparently, you are not alone. Still, this might be something that looks better on paper, especially when we start to wonder how this bride is supposed to do anything other than sit still all night.

Reduce, reuse and recycle are being incorporated into weddings

Many people want to do everything they can to live green. They are not alone, but how far is too far? For some people, a wedding dress made of shredded paper is not enough. That hasn’t stopped some brides from bringing this look to life on their big day.

Reduce, reuse and recycle are being incorporated into weddings
Source: Split Pics

Although it may look impressive, it is certainly one of the most unusual wedding dresses on the market. Sure, they say it’s nice to have rain on your wedding day, but we bet any bride who wears this dress to the ceremony will be praying for nothing but sunshine before there’s a reveal no one expects.

Our feline friends don’t have to miss weddings

Want a way to bring your feline friend to your big day? You might want to take a leaf out of this bride’s book and make her the star of the show through your wedding dress. After all, what better way to make an impact than to have your cat on your dress, right?

Our feline friends don't have to miss weddings
Source: Split Pics / Split Pics

As if the idea of ​​having a cat on the bottom of your dress wasn’t enough, this bride has taken it a step further by adding lots of sparkle to the look. It’s a look that might bother dog lovers, but it’s one that cat lovers might need to show the world who they really love.

Plastic cup day is still one that is missing from all calendars

Day of the Dead is a celebration that millions of people around the world celebrate, but that doesn’t mean we have to stick to the same traditions year after year. In fact, one couple has found the ultimate way to stand out on their big day and the holiday at the same time.

Plastic cup day is still one that is missing from all calendars
Source: Pinterest

All this bride needed were hundreds of plastic cups, plates and spoons to create the dress in one of the most stunning shapes the world has ever seen. Sure, using plastic may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but the intricate details make it worth it. After all, even her bouquet and her umbrella are in theme.

Feel the lightness of a feather with a balloon wedding dress

We can’t say we’ve ever seen one bride in a wedding dress made of balloons, let alone two. Maybe it’s time we all thought about shaking things up for the big day? The more we think about it, the more it could be the way to go. On the one hand, we don’t have to worry about all those alterations.

Feel the lightness of a feather with a balloon wedding dress
Fuente: The Voice / Pinterest

Do you need more space? Just let some air out. The woman on the right has taken things a step further by even adding a veil and a balloon bouquet to her look. It’s certainly a way we can float down the aisle to our loved one. Plus, we don’t have to worry about storing our dress afterwards.

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