Millionaire harasses poor family in restaurant and immediately regrets it the next day

We’ve all heard stories of the rich and elite using their wealth and power to look down on those who don’t belong to their class. The sad thing is that some of these abuses are carried out just for the sake of showing off.

While most passers-by prefer to turn a blind eye so as not to be included in the chaos, there are still good souls out there who stand up for what is right. And this millionaire just learned his lesson from the most unexpected person.

A VIP customer

Tony has a favorite restaurant that he goes to several times a week. Everyone in the restaurant knows him because he is a regular and has a favorite table. Due to his generous tips, he and his orders often take priority.

Every time you walk in and find someone already seated at your table, the staff ask people to move to another table and often offer them a free dessert as compensation for their inconvenience. Thanks to this special treatment, Tony feels like royalty in this restaurant.

Rude behavior

Tony is under the impression that he can do whatever he wants in the restaurant, as if he owns the place. So it’s not surprising that he sometimes behaves like a rude troublemaker who doesn’t care about the other customers in the restaurant.

Some customers even complain about his behavior, but the manager tells them that he is his best customer. As a result, fewer people visit the restaurant. The manager doesn’t care about the loss, as Tony spends a lot of money there.

they can’t talk

Other customers aren’t the only ones upset with Tony’s behavior. Some employees are also upset by the way he is behaving, but are afraid to speak out for fear that the manager will favor Tony. They could lose their jobs.

It seems that Tony has the upper hand at this restaurant and loves to show off when he takes his friends there. And his friends always admire how the restaurant staff strives alone to meet his demands.

Entering when they are closing

One Monday night, Tony walks into the restaurant with a group of friends. He tells the waiters that he has something to celebrate and that he wants the most exclusive dishes in the restaurant. It seems that the group has been drinking.

It’s around nine at night and the kitchen is already closed. But when Tony walks in, the staff can’t tell him no. The chefs go back to work, knowing that Tony’s huge tab will be worth the extra time.

He wants the restaurant to himself

There are only a few customers left in the restaurant at that time. It doesn’t take long for Tony and his group to scare off the other customers with their boisterous and rude behavior.

Tony pretty much has the restaurant to himself, except for one family. He sees that they’ve even ordered a couple of drinks. Tony sees this as a challenge and begins to think about how he can quickly push the family away.

Making them feel like they don’t belong

The family is simply dressed and looks like they are enjoying their own company in peace. Tony starts making jokes about the family and makes sure his voice is loud enough for the poor family to hear.

He starts yelling things like “What are a bunch of losers doing in a fancy restaurant like this?” and his friends laugh out loud and agree with him. But much to his dismay, the family continues with his meal and ignores both him and his group.

asks you to stop

As the first course is served, Tony begins to throw small pieces of food in the direction of the poor family. People around him encourage his behavior by laughing at what he is doing. One of the waitresses sees this and wonders aloud if he is still a little boy.

The waitress approaches and asks him to stop. It is the first time that someone in the restaurant has reacted to her behavior. And the millionaire does not like it at all. He can’t believe this waitress is embarrassing him in front of his guests.

The bully regrets

Tony says that the poor, low-income family can’t be more important than him in the restaurant. He even wonders if the family can afford just one appetizer on the menu. During Tony’s outbursts, the family gets up and starts packing up their things.

They can’t even finish their meals. Looks like the bully has won. They leave some money on the table and prepare to leave. Tony realizes that the family is about to leave and laughs. Now he has the restaurant to himself, just like he wanted.

familiar eyes

But before the poor family leaves, the father looks over his shoulder, his sad eyes meeting Tony’s for a brief moment. It is the first time that Tony has seen the father’s face properly. The millionaire freezes for a second as a feeling of recognition washes over him.

She knows she’s seen those eyes before, but she can’t remember where. Sara, the previous waitress, overhears Tony asking one of the staff if she has any idea who the family is. The other waitress has no idea, but Sara knows this family very well.

giving him a note

Sara takes her notepad and quickly writes a note. She tears out the page and waits for her chance. Tony goes to the bathroom and Sara decides to go directly to him and hand him the note.

Tony smirks at him, thinking it’s his number, and takes the note and gently places it in his pocket. He even looks around to make sure no one sees the exchange. Tony returns to his guests, who are already drunk and still having a great time.

The warning

Tony does his best to enjoy the evening, but his mind is preoccupied. One of Tony’s friends asks if he’s okay. Tony then remembers the note the waitress handed him. Tony excuses himself and goes to the bathroom, where he can read the note in private.

In the privacy of the bathroom, Tony takes out the note and is stunned to read what it says. “You made a big mistake insulting that family at the other table. The father will call you tomorrow to tell you what trouble you have gotten yourself into.”

She has left

Tony immediately runs out of the bathroom and starts looking for the waitress who gave him the note. He wants to know more about this family. And why is the father an important man? But the waitress is long gone.

He is unaware that Sara has been keeping a close eye on him. When he sees Tony go to the bathroom, he immediately tags him out and leaves the restaurant. She does not intend to give Tony any additional information.

forgetting something

With Sara gone, Tony spends the rest of the night distracted. Recent events have exposed him and he can’t stop thinking about those sad eyes. He even almost forgets to pay the bill. But that’s not the only thing he forgets.

That night, Tony does not leave a tip at the restaurant. It is very disappointing to realize how the staff tolerated his behavior for years just because he left very generous tips. Now, Tony has made them work overtime without a tip. Is incredible.

A sleepless night

Tony can’t sleep. All he can think about are those sad eyes of the father. Why do they look so familiar? If you’ve seen this man before, he must be someone important. Could he have intimidated someone of a higher rank?

Come morning, Tony keeps checking his phone constantly. If the waitress is right, the father she bullied will call you today. The anticipation of the call only makes him more nervous. But his phone remains silent until late in the afternoon.

The call

Tony is sitting at his desk catching up on the latest news when suddenly his phone rings. He is an unknown number. Could this be the call he was warned about? Tony takes a deep breath and picks up the phone.

At the other end of the line is a gruff male voice that has a serious tone as it greets you. Tony gets straight to the point and asks if he’s the man from the restaurant. The man confirms it.

It’s a joke?

Tony asks how they know each other and how the man got his number. The man on the other end of the line avoids the question and goes on to talk about how shocked he and the rest of his family are that someone could behave that way.

Tony grows impatient and is fed up with the talk. He interrupts the man and asks him a very specific question about the night before. There is silence on the other side. Tony then instinctively knows that this is not the man he was bullying.


The truth is that the man on the other end of the line is Sara’s husband, who pretended to be the father of the harassed family. Sara doesn’t really know the family, they were just a random family having a late dinner there.

Karma has been served

That night, Tony went back to the restaurant but to his surprise, they would not let him in. The manager had heard what happened the night before and decided to ban the troublesome and rude millionaire from the restaurant.

News of the ban spread and people started coming back to the restaurant. The family Tony bullied came back the next week and the manager welcomed them with a free meal. From now on, Tony just had to find another place for his rude shenanigans.

* This story is a work of fiction intended for entertainment. The characters and events are the product of the author’s imagination. The images shown are for illustrative purposes only.

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