Love in the Aisle: Couple Says “I Do” at ALDI in a Dream Wedding

In a heartwarming and unconventional celebration, Michael Hurd and Jessica Bojanowski, residents of Batavia, Illinois, recently exchanged vows at their local ALDI store on November 9. The couple, winners of the “Happily Ever ALDI” contest, transformed the supermarket into the unexpected yet perfect backdrop for their matrimonial union.

For Michael and Jessica, ALDI held sentimental value as it had been a witness to the significant moments in their relationship. The grocery store was not just a place to shop; it was a cherished venue for their Sunday morning dates, a tradition they held dear.

“Getting married at ALDI feels like a dream come true,” the couple shared. “It has always been a key part of our relationship. We work opposite schedules, so weekends are the only time we get to really see each other. We’ve always cherished our Sunday morning ALDI shopping dates. It’s something we look forward to doing together each week.”

The couple first entered the “Happily Ever ALDI” contest and were delighted to emerge as winners. The wedding ceremony, officiated by an ALDI employee, took place in the product aisle, creating a unique and intimate setting. Following the vows, the reception unfolded in the wine and beer section, where guests enjoyed a delectable spread of appetizers, including chicken sliders, jumbo coconut shrimp, and an impressive charcuterie board.

The couple’s signature cocktail, featuring two types of hard cider, added a personal touch to the celebration. The three-tiered cake, adorned with a shopping cart and a quarter as a topper, crowned the evening. As a generous gesture, ALDI’s Vice President of National Buying, Joan Kavanaugh, announced that the couple would receive groceries for a year and essential home items as part of their prize.

Guests left the ALDI wedding with thoughtful gifts, ranging from candles to custom-made wedding quarter holder keychains. Michael and Jessica expressed their gratitude, stating, “We still can’t believe we had the opportunity to get married in one of our favorite places, surrounded by all our family and friends.”

This ALDI wedding not only marked a significant milestone in the couple’s life but also serves as a charming reminder of how ordinary places can transform into extraordinary settings for truly unforgettable moments.

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