Incident on Flight SU1365: Passenger Defies Rules and Causes Commotion

Flight SU1365 from Stavropol to Moscow, on February 11, 2023, witnessed an unusual incident that left all passengers shocked. A passenger on board this flight behaved in an extreme manner, defying the rules of conduct on board and creating an atmosphere of chaos. Below, we will review the events that occurred on this flight and how the Aeroflot crew handled the situation.

Violation of Rules of Conduct on Board

The individual in question, whose motive for his behavior is unclear, began showing signs of disruptive behavior during the flight. This passenger ventured to smoke in the plane’s bathroom, disobeying the clearly established restrictions.

An Extreme Act: Nudity and Aggression

What followed was even more alarming. The passenger undressed practically completely, which left everyone present perplexed and alarmed. The situation worsened when the individual bit a stewardess, causing a scandal on board.

Cabin Intrusion Attempt

The climax of this incident occurred when the passenger attempted to break into the plane’s cabin, shouting that everyone was going to die. This disruptive act put the safety of all passengers and crew on board at risk.

Response from the Crew and Authorities

Given this dangerous behavior, the captain of the plane took immediate measures to ensure the safety of the aircraft and its occupants. Appropriate safety devices were used to control the disruptive passenger.

The crew acted bravely and professionally to remain calm in the midst of chaos. With concerted efforts, they managed to restrain the troublesome individual, placing him in a bra and handcuffs to ensure that he did not cause further harm.

Legal Consequences

Once the flight landed at Sheremetyevo airport, the passenger was handed over to law enforcement authorities. He was brought to administrative responsibility under the article “Minor Hooliganism”. This incident highlights the importance of applying stricter sanctions at the legislative level for those who disrupt flights.


This incident on flight SU1365 from Stavropol to Moscow on February 11, 2023, serves as a reminder of the need to maintain a high level of safety on commercial flights. Additionally, it highlights the importance of crew training to deal with unusual and disturbing situations on board.

Aeroflot and other airlines should consider implementing more rigorous measures to ensure the safety of their passengers and crew. This includes the creation of a unified blacklist that registers disruptive passengers and establishes appropriate sanctions to prevent similar incidents in the future.

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