Horse goes crazy when he sees this girl – The reason surprised his owner

The moment the horse looked at this girl, the animal started to jump and went crazy. The owner had no way of containing it, and at first he didn’t even know what was causing it.

But when the horse suddenly jumped out of the enclosure and rushed towards the girl, everything became clear very quickly. When it became known why the horse was doing that, the owner was shocked…

Sometimes we think that animals are less than humans because they are not as expressive or that they barely do anything for us. Truth be told, animals are more important in our habitat than we least understand. But on the other hand, this particular animal acted like that and people worried they can’t talk to them or know what they’re thinking.

An unknown young woman

It all started with a girl who didn’t know what was going to happen nor did she know what to do in that situation. Many people would panic when they felt danger so close, but the way this woman reacted can also be shocking. Who would have thought that horses would react like this?

Matthew had no idea what was going to happen to him that day. He was stressed preparing his first competitive event for his Phantom racehorse. He liked to train horses for special occasions. He was so focused on his work that he didn’t notice when a young woman had entered the area.


When you have trained an animal for most of its life, you know that it is going to act and respond in a certain way. If these animals react to things beyond what they have been trained to do, the owner will lose control over the situation. Sometimes the best option would be to take matters into your own hands.

When Phantom, usually so calm and unaffected by the crowd before each race, walked close to the young woman, something changed in him. It was a change Matthew had never seen in his life, a drastic change in the horse’s behavior. The trainer wanted to have full control of the situation, but apparently, his pet had other plans in mind.


The change in the horse’s environment could be a reason for it to start behaving like this. When animals are exposed to new people and new environments, they can react in ways you can’t control. Also, horses are very emotional when it comes to taking control of their owners or allowing their owners to take full control of their behavior. But when they are in different situations, they can act irrationally.

By the time the other horses began to move to the sides, Matthew didn’t know what might be causing his horse’s unexpected burst. He imagines trying to tame someone who doesn’t want to be tamed. The animal now started running around the pen as wildly as it could and all Matthew thought he could do was wait until Phantom calmed down.

The girl stepped forward.

The girl thought she could help so she started to get closer. Getting close to the wild animal may not be the best option for anyone, but this girl wanted to do it and she got even closer than the owner expected. The next part of the story may be even more shocking.

But Phantom was far from done. The horse wanted to do more and he did. The horse began to charge a piece of gate at full speed. At this point, most of the surrounding people were already watching from afar. This was also the moment when the young woman took a few steps forward as if it was finally the ideal moment to do so.

Matthew is surprised

Matthew thought he was in complete control by owning and training this animal. However, the horse was manic and was ready to take down anyone and anything that got in its way. Whoever thought that he was brave enough to take the first step definitely had to think twice.

Matthew’s heart skipped a beat when he saw his horse leaping over the great fence. It wasn’t something he’d been trained to do, and it wasn’t something he expected his horse to do. Everyone had always guaranteed him that the height of this fence would be a leap that racehorses could never make. Matthew feared not only for his beloved horse, but also for the young woman who seemed to be in grave danger.

I was in danger?

It seemed as if Phantom was about to attack and there was nothing to stop him. Matthew had no idea what to do and besides he was afraid of what Phantom might do since he was out of his control. The training place for the horses was supposed to be a place from which the animals could not escape by any means.

He really was afraid that the girl was in danger, since, in the end, it was his horse that was about to do the damage. He could never have imagined that Phantom would hurt someone, but then again, who would have known what the animal was capable of after witnessing the events of that day? She thought that she knew Phantom from the relationship they had built over time.

the horse stopped

Everyone was frantic and even panicked when they saw that Phantom had jumped. Who would have thought that Phantom wasn’t going to hurt anyone? The strength of the horses can cause anyone who crosses their path to get hurt. However, everyone was shocked by what happened next.

To everyone’s surprise, Phantom did not attack anyone that day. The wild horse successfully arrived in front of the young lady on the other side of the fence, but stopped right next to her. Matthew thought for a second that the madness was finally over, but he couldn’t be more wrong.

they rode away

Phantom had something different in mind and it wasn’t long before Matthew realized what was happening. Instead of being fearful and scared, he was shocked by what had happened. So instead of being upset with what happened, he decided to take Phantom back where he belonged and punish him. But that was not what happened.

What came next was perhaps even more shocking. The girl, still very calm, jumped on the back of the Phantom, and together they left the training area. Phantom didn’t even have a saddle on his back, and yet they rode very gracefully. Matthew was truly stunned by what he was seeing. Riding a wild horse is no easy task either.

Matthew in shock

Who would have thought that Phantom wouldn’t freak out when some random stranger got on his back? Not to mention, he seemed tame rather than manic when it came to the girl riding him. Matthew was confused with what he was seeing and he didn’t know how to act.

And before she could even think about what had just happened, the young woman and Phantom were gone. Matthew stood there in shock, processing this mess, while in the back people could still watch the horse walk away. Screams could also be heard, probably from people jumping out of Phantom’s way.

calling the police

When Matthew snapped back to reality, the horse was completely gone. He realized what had happened and thought it was time to call the police. He picked up his phone, dialed the number and Matthew began to describe the girl’s appearance, which he fortunately had a good memory of.

Meanwhile, the police tried to understand the situation. The woman Matthew was talking to wasn’t entirely sure if they should treat this case as the theft of Matthew’s horse. Still, this was what she wanted them to do, even though the horse had run away before she got close to the girl. There was still no sign of Phantom.

issuing an alert

But regardless of the mistakes made, the priority was making sure the area stayed safe. The policewoman explained that her team was going to issue an alert to be attentive to the escaped horse. It wouldn’t be the first time in this town that such a wild animal would cause a dangerous situation. About time someone took action, wasn’t it?

Meanwhile, Phantom, unperturbed and still with the young woman on his back, ran through the city. Eventually it became clear that the horse was running in the direction of the suburbs at the other end of the city. How did this horse know where to go? What was his ultimate goal there? But what was happening? Who could explain it well?

Out of the city

Although it was relatively easy to follow the trail of the horse because of the small town, the couple finally left the city. After this, the sightings began to dwindle, until there were no people left to report anything new. The police search continued, although they had no idea where the horse and the girl were… These policemen had to do something about it and they had to do it now.

Police cars investigated the area where they were last seen, but the couple had apparently vanished into thin air. But how could a horse of that size suddenly disappear? With no other leads or sightings, it was difficult for other police officers to determine their next move. They decided to go talk to some people at the races. Maybe someone there knew who the girl was and could help point them in the right direction.

back to racing

Or maybe they could find out more about the motivation for this girl’s actions. There were many questions that needed answers. Fortunately for Matthew and the police, most people were still present in the racing area as the horse races were not over yet. There were a couple of races where Phantom wasn’t scheduled to compete, and the ones he was in, there was just an empty spot. But this had some unintended consequences…

The escape of a horse is not enough to cancel the entire event. Even if that horse had quickly become the favorite of the best. Something that Matthew had first seen as a good thing, but now that he was back in the area it had become quite a burden. When Matthew reared his head in the box, he was greeted by a slew of angry gamblers who had bet big money on a horse that failed to appear at the starting line at the last minute.

Matthew didn’t care

Most of them had gotten assurances from Matthew himself that their horse would perform amazingly. Of course, Matthew was upset that his good reputation had been affected by this situation, but if he was being honest, he didn’t care much. All he wanted was the return of Phantom. And maybe some of these people had seen the girl enter the area or maybe someone knew who she was?

Most of them looked confused when Matthew asked them. All they had seen was the girl riding the Phantom. They had assumed that she was Matthew’s date. They thought that she had planned all this to prevent her horse from running! With so much at stake, simply losing without a fight was not an option.

Matthew defended himself

Matthew found these accusations strange and assured some of the gamblers he knew personally that he was the one most affected by the events. However, it was not uncommon in the world of animal competition: some owners accepted bets and disappeared with their money and their horse. He was here now to obtain information, not to justify his horse’s actions.

It became increasingly clear that he was not going to get many responses from the people who were still there. The poor horse owner began to lose hope, but suddenly someone bumped into Matthew. It wasn’t just a mere hit, but it was a full and direct hit. The blow was so strong that Matthew could not stand up.


He lost his balance and fell to the ground. And thereafter, before he could even process what had just happened, the man who bumped into him was already helping him up. Poor Matthew touched her shoulder and thankfully nothing internal seemed to dislocate. Then he felt something slip in his hand and the other man was doing this.

When they were both on their feet again, the unknown but polite man apologized to Matthew, nodded, and hurried away. Matthew looked around once more, only to notice that the man who had bumped into him had disappeared in a moment and the other people weren’t looking at him. He could safely open the note and read it. The short message that was written there froze him for a second.

No police?

“Meet me behind the stables in 5 minutes. Don’t bring the police!!” He was hastily scribbled, but the message was clear. And yet, Matthew had no idea what this man wanted from him. He hoped with all his heart that information on Phantom’s location could be obtained, so he was willing to take any risk. The next thing Matthew did was approach the cops.

He told them he had to make a couple of private calls and they reluctantly agreed. Matthew hurried to the back of the stables, where he hoped the mystery man was already waiting. Luckily, the man was there. Matthew almost ran to him, though he didn’t want to make a scene.

a million questions

He was desperate for answers, but the man made a gesture that he needed to stay calm and quiet. From behind the stables, Matthew realized that no one could see him anymore. He had a million questions that he wanted to ask the man who had written the note. Most of all, Matthew needed to know if the man had any information about the girl who had taken Phantom away a while ago.

Surprisingly he said yes. He was the one who brought her into the race today! Phantom’s emotional owner could hardly believe it. Her jaw almost dropped to the floor. This was the clue she had been looking for! Finally, he would learn of the young woman’s motives.

The girl who asks for a ride

The man was driving on the south road, where he had met the girl. She was requesting a ride here, and since he was planning to come to the races himself, she allowed him to drive with him. They hardly spoke a word during the journey that had taken them all morning. Matthew admitted that he had expected more from the confession.

While he was still a bit disappointed, the man had other crucial information for him in order to find the girl. He interrupted Matthew and began to tell him about her morning, and specifically: exactly where he had picked up the girl! He gave Matthew her address after promising he would not tell the police who he got it from.

An anonymous source

The horse’s owner immediately went to officers so they could follow up on this lead. Once he met with the police, he shared the address that he had just learned. One of the officers asked how he had received that information, but fortunately they agreed to let his source remain anonymous. The location was about a half hour drive from the city in the direction the girl had run off to, which was a very good sign.

Due to their rush, the officers did not verify what type of address it was. When they arrived, the police team, with Matthew in the back, had to double check to see if he had made a mistake. Having done so, Matthew still thought that this couldn’t be the right place. The address happened to be a beautiful farm where Matthew could see dozens of horses parading through the fields.

a beautiful farm

Matthew thought that this place seemed like a paradise. Had the mystery girl come out of there? And more importantly, did he bring Phantom to this place? But things got a lot more interesting when they slowly made their way onto the terrain. There was a group of people walking around the backyard, and from the way they were dressed, they seemed to be horse handlers.

Then Matthew saw the girl… When the girl saw their approach, she was as surprised as Matthew. And though he was probably startled, he also realized that there was no way to escape. That’s why she stood still, facing the men, waiting as they quickly approached her and her companions.

An older man yelling

As the three of them immediately began shooting questions at the girl, an older man and a woman ran out of the main farm building. They didn’t seem as friendly as the girl. They both started yelling what appeared to be questions about what they were doing to their daughter. It took a while before the situation finally calmed down enough for people to understand each other.

One of the policemen suggested that they all sit at a picnic table near where they were. When they started to discuss what exactly had happened, things cleared up pretty quickly. The farm seemed to be no ordinary animal ranch, but some kind of rescue center for horses. The older couple together with their children took care of the animals.

a healthy foal

Unbeknownst to Matthew, Phantom had known about this farm for many years. The racehorse had been born here after his mother had been fostered as a pregnant animal. Once he was fully healed, Phantom was sold. But, the parents admitted, perhaps they should have investigated its new owner better. 

The man the colt was sold to was from across town, where the racing culture is strong. He fabricated a lie that the horse was born to a leading racehorse and was therefore worth a lot of money. Matthew, as the third owner, had fallen for this scam and bought the animal for a large sum of money. He was not only the proud owner, but he was also the victim of a scam.

stacy and the foal

During Phantom’s early years on this farm, the couple’s youngest daughter, Stacy, had spent a lot of time with the foal. Their strong bond made her recognize him immediately on the run that morning. Although the two had grown apart, Phantom had also recognized Stacy. She admitted to making a stupid decision riding Phantom like that.

But it was the horse that approached her, and he willingly accompanied her away from the race tracks. Stacy also admitted that she wanted the animal back on the farm, though she hadn’t thought of the consequences. While everyone at the table was moved by the story, Stacy’s parents were especially in awe. They didn’t even know that Phantom was now in one of her stables!

Matthew got his horse back!

The girl had kept her actions a secret. The old man and the woman looked at each other, then at Matthew. Naturally, he would keep his racehorse. A surprising but strange ending to be exact, but the goal was set and the owner was assumed to be Matthew, since he had invested more time, so she told him that he was the first owner.

Matthew considered pressing charges and demanding money to make up for the losses he suffered. However, he ultimately decided against it, as he felt the true love that Stacy and Phantom had for each other. The girl had just made a stupid decision, that’s all. Also, Matthew was delighted to finally get the horse back from him.

*This story is a work of fiction created for entertainment. The characters and events are the product of the author’s imagination. Images shown are used for illustrative purposes only. 

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