Hilarious Airport Pickup Signs You’re Lucky Aren’t For You

Tell Them How You Really Feel

Now, this sign is just cold-hearted. Jody was probably excited to see her friends and family only to see this when she walked off of the plane, a warm welcome indeed. We’re not entirely sure why they felt the need put the number “2” instead of the word “to” but to each their own.

Other people probably had heart-warming signs to welcome their loved ones and then there was Jody’s crew, ready to start bashing on her before she even stood a chance.

Tell It How It Is

While this sign may be more on the rude side, we’re sure that it got the job done. Nothing quite like coming home and an insult is the first thing that you see! We’re just going to assume that this is part of some inside joke that doesn’t make this as rude as it may appear at first glance.

Surely, the “noisy pale-faced lady” received a warmer welcome than just this sign, or she might want to get someone else to pick her up next time.

Everything Falls Apart When Mom Leaves

Everyone knows that when mom leaves on a long trip, things have a tendency to fall apart. The fridge and pantry start to run out of food, nobody does laundry, and the dog is now allowed on the couch.

It looks like these two boys had a similar experience when their mom left and are now asking her to put their lives back together. Things could have been worse than not having underwear. Their sign could have said, “We burned the house down.”

Tell The World Why Don’t You

Whether you’re coming home from rehab or not, nothing says welcome home quite like this sign. Now, everyone that sees you walking toward the sign assumes that you’ve just come back from a stint at rehab or that you have friends or family that really like to give you a hard time.

If this is actually a joke, some people might take offense about making fun of what is not a laughing matter everyone. You might want to be careful about this one!

The Whole Gang Is Here

Whoever made this sign killed two birds with one stone, and we must say, they did a real bang-up job on it. Nothing quite like humiliating your family with ugly pictures for all the public and Internet to see.

We appreciate the craftsmanship of the poster and their creativity to find the ugliest pictures they could find of these two. Not everyone is willing to put this much time into their airport artwork but these two certainly did.

Send Cash

We’re not sure if this is cute, TMI, or both. We’re going to go with both. Either way, this lady looks very happy to see her boyfriend? Husband? Sugar daddy? By the looks of it, he looks really happy too, so either this is a cheeky joke or he is proud to be a real-life sugar daddy.

It’s 2019 people, nothing is off the table these days. Get that money, honey.

So That’s What Dad Was Up To

This is a great airport pickup sign because it pokes fun at two people while only calling one of them out. Is this guy really picking up who he says? We’re willing to bet his dad got off the plane with his mom or a girlfriend. If you are going to create the perfect airport pickup sign it really needs to embarrass the person you are picking up.

It also needs to embarrass them in a creative way that has you thinking outside of the box. For the record, the other side of this sign read “Fifth times a charm.”

“My sister picked me up at the airport in London today holding this sign.”

It takes a lot of…guts to hold this one up at the airport. Pun very much intended.

This probably scared the crap out of the traveler when she saw it.

This Better Be The Last Time…

We’re glad this homemade sign was created to be presented to her at the airport and not prison! Not a single soul in the baggage claim area missed this bright pink sign that this girl’s mother created for her.

It seems like she’s getting tired of picking her up at the airport– time to take the shuttle!

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