Hilarious Airport Pickup Signs You’re Lucky Aren’t For You

Most people have seen someone waiting at the airport for their loved one, proudly holding a handmade sign. Sometimes these signs are cute, sometimes these signs are embarrassing, and sometimes, these signs are downright mean. But at the end of the day, they do their job. The airport signs that you are about to see are a whole lot more creative than a simple piece of paper with a name on it — but you’ll be glad some of these signs aren’t for you!

Could It Be?

Now, the question is whether this is either 1) a joke 2) the person they are picking up is actually named Michael Jordan, or 3) if it’s actually Michael Jordan himself? No matter what, you know other people in the airport might see this and hang around a while to see if Michael Jordan emerges from an airplane terminal.

Maybe this isn’t even a joke for the person they’re picking up, but a prank to all of the other people in the airport. Would someone really think that Michael Jordan was flying on a regular airline?

Not The Selfie Stick

It appears as though Simon and his girlfriend might have had a discussion in the past about her issues with him using a selfie stick. Looks like he promised to give it up for good but couldn’t bring himself to throw it away.

Now, she’s discovered the forbidden selfie stick hidden while he was gone and they’re going to have some serious problems. Simon’s stomach must have dropped when he walked out of the plane to see this sign waiting for him. Was it worth it Simon?


In case you were unaware, Imodium is a medication for diarrhea relief, so you can imagine how whoever was greeted with this sign felt. Not only were the people that made this sign trying to embarrass them, but it also looks like they used a box that they found in the airport dumpster.

If you’re going to insult someone coming back home, at least make the sign look like you put a little thought into it. We hope everything’s okay Sarah.

Short, Simple, Effective, and Cringeworthy

We have to give it to this guy for his creativity. He looks like your stereotypical driver picking up a woman at the airport — except for the fact that he replaced her name with “SMOKIN HOT ITALIAN CHICK”. While it’s possible that whoever this sign was for (hopefully his girlfriend or wife) was flattered, it’s a little cringeworthy to us.

Still, it’s not every day you see something like this, so chances are this sign had countless people laughing to themselves as they walked by. The real question is who was this for?

It’s The Thought That Counts

If you look closely, you can make up the word “welcome” at the top of the sign, which is just too cute to handle. Seeing this would be better than any other clever or extremely detailed signs that other people might bring to the airport.

We can’t be sure what the sign says, but it’s clear that this little girl had something that she wanted to say and did her best to write it down. This must have melted the hearts of everyone that walked by.

Just A Sprinkle Of Irony

Looks like this person didn’t have much confidence that this girl was going to survive her trip, and he doesn’t seem very happy about it either. Hopefully, he didn’t make big plans in case she didn’t return because she’s here now.

He doesn’t appear to be very good at sign making either, because we can’t crack the code as to why some of the letters are colored-in and some aren’t. Maybe he knows something that we don’t. One thing is for sure, she’s home and he’s going to to have to accept that now.

Going All In

Wow, this person really went the whole nine yards with this pickup sign. They even dressed up and everything, and we all know that dressing up like an Oompa Loompa is no easy task. We wonder how long it took to get all of that makeup on?

Either way, we’re not entirely sure what “Chocolate Johnny” means, but we’re going to guess that it’s most likely the person’s nickname. This would certainly be quite a sight to come home to.

Using Kids To Your Advantage

Nothing would be cuter than to come home only to see your baby behind such an adorable sign. That baby sure looks happy to be seeing its daddy and we would be too if we were a baby in charge of taking care of a fully-grown woman.

Now, the baby can go back to its regularly-scheduled baby business. Except now the dad just has to just take care of both Mom and a baby. Best of luck, dad!

Now That’s What We’re Talking About

Nothing says welcome back better than a margarita bar at the airport entrance. It looks like someone’s dad or grandpa took it upon themselves to have a drink with their loved one as soon as possible upon their arrival.

You know that everyone else walking by this setup was desperate and in need of a margarita after a long flight. We’re pretty sure this isn’t allowed at an airport, but who was going to deny this adorable older gentleman after all the work he put in?

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