Goodbye Netflix forever: this is the service that will allow you to watch thousands of series and movies for free

This streaming service is free and has a wide amount of different types of content, from series and movies to news and sports. How to access it.

We live in times where the offer of streaming services is very wide. From some of the largest, such as Netflix or HBO Max, to specialized options such as Filmin, Spaniards can choose which services to hire depending on their personal tastes.

However, with  the inflationary scenario that is being experienced, many people will have to cut expenses, even on their services to watch movies and series. Fortunately, there are options that allow you to watch quality content for free.

Samsung’s free streaming service

Samsung TV Plus is a free service for users of this brand (Source: Samsung)

Samsung TV Plus is a video service for smart TVs from the South Korean brand . Within the platform you can find everything from news, sports and documentaries to movies, offering countless hours of entertainment.

This service is free , since it is supported by advertising that is included in the content, so a subscription is not required. However, it is essential to have an internet connection on the device.

In addition to being free for its users, it comes pre-installed on Samsung smart TVs.

On which devices Samsung TV Plus can be accessed

Samsung TV Plus can be accessed from different devices (Source: Samsung)

Although it was created mainly for the South Korean technology company’s televisions, Samsung TV Plus is also accessible on Galaxy devices such as smartphones and tablets that run Android 8.0 or later versions.

On a television from this company, this app starts automatically when you turn on the device . However, it is also possible to access it by clicking on the remote control from the applications menu, since it appears as just another application.

For those who have a compatible mobile or tablet, there are two scenarios: if your device is one of the most recent models, you will already have the application pre-installed; Otherwise, you will have to download it from the Galaxy Store or Google Play by searching for “Samsung TV plus”.

What channels does Samsung TV Plus offer?

Although in the United States it has more than 100 channels, Samsung TV Plus has more than 60 for Spain. This figure is constantly growing, so it is advisable to periodically consult their website, where they are categorized by theme.

The news, entertainment sections stand out especially for their wide range and movies, subdivided by genre. You can explore the highlights organized on the page.

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