Family Dog Throws Baby in Backyard – You Won’t Believe the Reason Why

It turns out that dogs can be true superheroes. Most dogs are naturally friendly and wouldn’t easily harm a child. That’s what Catherine Svilicic from Australia thought when she decided to adopt an abandoned Doberman. However, she was shocked when the dog threw her 17-month-old son in the backyard a few days later.

Relaxing in the Backyard

It’s October and Catherine is enjoying a hot day in the garden. Her little daughter Charlotte is having fun playing, and next to her is the newest member of the family – Khan. Khan is an abandoned Doberman that Catherine adopted four days ago.


Khan didn’t have a good life before being adopted. The dog was abused by its previous owner and was also severely malnourished. At first, Catherine was worried about the dog’s temperament. She was afraid that he might not be friendly.

However, she gave the dog the benefit of the doubt, and after a few days, she was convinced that Khan was a sweet dog. He sniffed Charlotte sometimes, got along well with other dogs, and was always calm at home.

However, something happened after four days that shocked Catherine.

Scared for His Life

Although Catherine thought Khan was a friendly dog, she never left the dog alone with her little daughter. She always wanted to keep an eye on him when he was with Charlotte. Although Khan was deeply asleep in the backyard at first, he suddenly became very restless.

“Suddenly, Khan became very aggressive and tried to keep Charlotte away. He wasn’t successful, and then he grabbed her by the diaper and threw her a meter in the air, like a doll,” the woman told the Australian newspaper Adelaide Now.


Catherine was shocked and ran to her daughter as fast as possible. “Charlotte looked scared, and then Khan suddenly started howling loudly.”

The woman then saw that a Pseudechis australis, the second largest venomous snake in Australia, was lying next to the dog. “That’s when I realized that Khan was protecting my daughter from the snake.”

Miracle Dog

Charlotte came out unharmed, and Catherine quickly took the dog to the vet. There, Khan was given an antidote, and he has now fully recovered. “He risked his life to save my daughter’s. From now on, Khan is our miracle dog.”