Dog starts digging in grave, then stops and starts barking

Dogs dig, it’s normal for them. But Keto seemed to be digging in with a frantic vigor that was both worrying and alarming. Steven didn’t know what to do. The dog was too busy with this task.

His owner had the urge to call for help, but before he could reach for his phone, Keto abruptly stopped digging and began barking. It seems that the dog had found something. Steven cautiously moved toward the hole and peered out.

His jaw dropped when he saw what the pet had discovered…

Calling the police

Steven knew he needed to call the police. He couldn’t even begin to explain what Keto had begun to unearth. He hardly knew what it was. And when he tried to explain it to the police, everyone assumed he was pulling some kind of sick joke.

When they arrived to check it out for themselves, they realized that Steven had been telling the truth all along. But none of them had any idea of ​​the scope of Keto’s discovery and what consequences he was going to have. It was only a matter of time before everything was fully explained.

sudden interest

Steven and his husky, Keto, would go for walks together every afternoon when he got home from work. He was always gentle and sweet, but one day, he started behaving strangely as soon as they approached an open field. Keto was pulling Steven so hard he could barely control her. What had caught his attention?

Keto went from pulling on the leash to actively fighting Steven. She had never acted like that before in her life! Steven broke free and she sped down the narrow street. Steven was glad no car had hit her, but he had no idea where she was going. He chased her.

The cemetery

Once they were past the two houses and the open field, Steven noticed his dog running toward the old graveyard. He started to feel uncomfortable. Hardly anyone went there as there was a newer and larger cemetery in another part of the city. Reluctantly, Steven ran down one of the paths after his pet.

As he had suspected, there was no one else in the cemetery. Steven could easily see Keto in the distance, though he was too slow to catch up. As he looked around her, he noticed that there were flowers on many of the graves. He surprised him. After all, it wasn’t exactly any graveyard…

abandoned history

The cemetery was actually a military cemetery. It was designed with wooden crosses instead of tombstones, making it difficult to find the correct grave without stopping to read the inscriptions. Steven wondered how anyone found what he was looking for in the place while he followed Keto and called her name. In addition, there was another complication.

In fine weather, visitors can easily read the names on the small metal plaques below. But it was the depths of winter, and snow covered the entire cemetery. They were white crosses against the white snow. Keto was still interested in something close. Steven wondered what could be hidden under the snow.

Doing research

As Steven watched her, Keto walked between a row of crosses, her nose pressed to the ground. She sniffed and sniffed. Suddenly, she stopped at a grave that had a bouquet of fresh flowers on top of it. Keto froze and it almost looked like she was preparing to run away.

After hesitating for a moment, the dog sprang forward and dug her paws into the snow. She uprooted the grave, disturbing the flowers and making the petals fly. Steven was horrified by the sight. He ran to Keto and grabbed her neck with both hands. But Keto had another idea.

the mysterious tomb

Keto ignored Steven’s attempts to push her away and continued to lunge at the grave. She was so strong that Steven couldn’t do much to stop her. It wasn’t like he could pick her up and carry her away like he would a smaller dog. Embarrassed, Steven looked around the graveyard for help. Something caught his eye.

Steven saw a sign by the front door and thought maybe the gardener was nearby. He could tell the person about Keto’s digging, apologize, and at least offer to replace the flowers. Besides, he needed help getting Keto’s attention. But before he could get to the front door, he was distracted by a sudden barking.


Keto was staring at him and repeatedly barking as loud as he could. Despite his bizarre antics that afternoon, Steven understood what he was trying to say. Like most dogs, it was his way of getting Steven’s attention and getting him to go along with what he was doing.

Keto used to do that same bark when she was interested in something and wanted Steven to notice. Steven went back up the hill. What had he found? Steven knew he should have called the groundskeeper and respected the privacy of the person buried there by staying away.


It wasn’t right to snoop around someone else’s grave. But Keto was so intensely fascinated by what she had found that Steven couldn’t resist. She had to know what had made her dog behave like this.

Keto had dug into the snow and around the nameplate at the base of the cross. He was standing over the muddy hole, ears pricked as he waited for Steven to see his discovery. The dog was obviously excited about finding him. Steven walked next to her.

The content

When Steven finally peered into the hole Keto had made, he almost staggered back in surprise. It was the last thing he expected to see in a graveyard. He looked at Keto, wondering what such an incredible find had made him feel. Steven fumbled with his phone. He had to call the police!

Steven expected to see flowers or some kind of trinket in the hole. He doubted that Keto could have dug deep enough into the cold earth to uncover a coffin. But he never expected what was really there. He seemed to defy all logic. Steven glanced over his shoulder again, convinced that it must have been some kind of horrible joke.

What Keto found

At the bottom of the hole, Steven could see that the nameplate had holes drilled into it. It seemed to extend far beyond what Keto had managed to discover. He focused the light of his phone on the dish and stared at it, trying to understand what he was seeing.

Steven checked several graves and found plaques with holes in most of them. He also noticed that there were no flowers on that one. Maybe there was some kind of pattern. He found another grave with flowers and began to dig.

find the pattern

He dug furiously until he realized that it still had the same holes. She still hadn’t called the police and was trying to figure out how to explain what she was seeing. All the graves with flowers had holes drilled in the nameplates. What did it mean? Or did it even mean something?

Steven wondered if they were air holes in some kind of cage or even in the coffin below. They seemed to extend towards the bottom of the tomb with the holes leading to the surface. If there was something out of the ordinary down there, then maybe Keto had sensed it. But Steven had to be sure.

one last check

Steven returned to the graves with the flowers and inspected them more closely. He wanted to be able to give the police the best possible description.

Finally, he took a deep breath and called out. She knew it would sound ridiculous to anyone else, but something was off. Why were there so many fresh flowers in such an old cemetery?

On the phone

But unsurprisingly, the police weren’t so easily sold on Steven’s story. It all sounded completely ridiculous and they thought it was probably a prank call or something. To be honest, Steven wasn’t entirely convinced by what he’d seen either.

Steven didn’t know how to react at first, but he was determined not to let this slide, even if he himself couldn’t understand what he was seeing.

Something Weird

While they waited for someone to come, Keto finally calmed down a bit and stopped barking. But every time Steven got close to the dug grave, Keto would react. There was something there that he didn’t like. But what could it be? Steven had no idea.

Steven really didn’t want to touch the other graves in case he messed something up before the police got there, but man, was he curious. So he carefully he began to sweep some snow from one of the graves. He was totally surprised when he noticed something strange.

Mystery dog ​​tags

What he then noticed was something he hadn’t seen yet, because he had only inspected the nameplates. But the floor of the tomb seemed to be covered with earth. Not a blade of grass was found. This was certainly really strange, what was going on here?

And indeed, this was also the case with all the graves with flowers. Whatever has been done here has been done recently. Then finally the police arrived. She had to explain to them what was going on here and what she had found. She had a strange feeling about all of this.

Police intervention

2 young officers got out of the car giggling a bit and just weren’t taking things seriously.

They thought they were going to meet a man confused with his dog. But their attitude would quickly change when they saw what was happening here.


Steven had to keep Keto’s leash on when officers inspected the hole the dog had dug. They were absolutely stunned by what they were seeing. This was something they had never seen before, why did someone do this? Why did Keto react this way?

It was obvious that the flowers had been to mark the graves. Someone needed to know which one to dig up or maybe that had already happened. And judging by the steel box with holes in it, these weren’t graves, they were temporary storage! But for what? And for whom?

Digging for Answers

Officers made a couple of calls to the station trying to get permission to dig up the steel box Keto had discovered. Fortunately, they had been smart enough to pack the right equipment.

At the station, they did some checks and one of the officers quickly found out that this entire cemetery was actually not listed anywhere. In other words, it shouldn’t exist, which makes this whole ordeal even stranger. It was as if it had been created just to bury a few things here.

Buried Answers

If it did not exist, then most likely there would be no royal tombs there either. So the station had no problem with officers doing whatever it took to get to the bottom of what was going on there.

The people who did this obviously didn’t want anyone to know what they were doing there. So what was this all about?


The metal cutter quickly got out of the car and one of the officers began to cut a large hole in the metal box while the other officers inspected the other graves. Steven was still trying to keep Keto’s cool. They still didn’t know why Keto was so nervous, they would soon find out.

When the first mate finally finished his hole and showed his light in the box, his eyes went wide and he was speechless. But before he could say anything, the peace and quiet were suddenly disturbed by increasingly loud music. What the hell was going on here?


The other officer ran back and said another car was coming. If these people had anything to do with this, they had to be caught in the act. So they needed to hide quickly. They had no idea who these people were and if they were dangerous or not. Everyone was really tense.

Luckily, the police car had come from a completely different side than where the music was now coming from, so it was no longer in sight. They quickly packed everything up and hid behind the bushes. Steven kept Keto quiet and everyone stayed on high alert. Adrenaline ran through everyone’s veins.


Steven really hoped he could keep Keto quiet. He was calm now, but with this dog, he could never tell for how long. Then they saw the car approaching the entrance to the cemetery. They couldn’t see who was in the car, so they had to wait. Then the car came to a complete stop.

The music was turned off and 2 people came out. And they came out with shovels. The officers could see them looking at a map for a second before walking over to one of the graves. They were obviously in on the whole thing, and now they could be caught in the act.

the officers arrive

The officers saw that they started to panic and knew that they had to act now before these guys ran away. They jumped into the bushes, took out the equipment and arrested the boys. The boys didn’t realize what was going on at first, they seemed completely lost for words.

And the police were very lucky with this arrest, as it would turn out to be the final piece of the puzzle. These boys were very young and they were very afraid of going to jail, so they were willing to confess everything to avoid it. So they started talking.

Organized crime

This place was apparently not a graveyard but a secret distribution point for large and expensive imported items that could only be on the black market, so to speak. All the different tombs with boxes were different orders for customers.

There was an organization that specialized in smuggling these items to the states. They would create fake cemeteries as places to store the item for their customers to pick up on their own. After the payment was made, of course.

the perfect cover up

And it seemed like a great idea, since who in their right mind would go and dig a cool looking grave lined with flowers?

Who but a very curious dog who had picked up a scent through one of the vents. Keto was the hero of all this, the one who had exposed it.

keto heroin

In the storage box that Keto dug up there, they ended up being very rare big cat furs. But they had been there for a while and hadn’t been done correctly, so they had started to decay a bit and to smell.This is how Keto managed to detect them. Keto and Steven had been in the right place at the right time.

With the help of the 2 “clients”, the police managed to arrest all the people locally involved in this organization and they are working to arrest the bigger fish in due course as well. They obviously apologized to Steven for making fun of him, he had discovered something really big. He even got a medal, just like Keto.

At work

The case is still open, but one thing is for sure, Keto is a hero. Unknowingly, she helped put dozens of bad people behind bars and keep the local town much safer as a result.

Steven couldn’t be more proud. Thanks to this experience, Steven is even more forgiving when it comes to Keto running off to explore and satisfy his immense curiosity. You never know what she might find.

*This story is a work of fiction created for entertainment. The characters and events are the product of the author’s imagination. Images shown are used for illustrative purposes only.

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