When the parents find out why the cat won’t let the child sleep alone, they call the police

Until Jennifer gave birth to a beautiful daughter, the atmosphere in Jennifer and Julian’s house was mediocre. Since then, their family cat, Luna, has completely changed the dynamic. When they were separated, Luna wouldn’t let her daughter sleep alone and meowed constantly. Julian feared for his life when he realized what was happening.

He immediately called the police and all the officers on duty arrived.

The police show up

When the first officer arrived, what he saw made his jaw drop. How the hell can a cat see that? With such a sharp cat, she advised Julian to be very happy. Julian knew deep down that he had made a mistake; he had to protect his daughter…

Ask questions

Within minutes, at least a dozen other police cars arrived at the scene. They immediately began peppering Julian and Jennifer with a barrage of questions. The couple didn’t believe it because they didn’t realize the seriousness of the problem until then.

Reasons that worry you

What the police were investigating was disturbing to say the least. But the fact that it started before Jennifer knew she was pregnant was even more disturbing. You shouldn’t trust such people.

But why didn’t Luna let her son sleep in his own room? And what did Julian end up discovering that warranted such a heavy police presence?

Good luck in conceiving a child

The trigger was Jennifer’s pregnancy; this was something they had been waiting for a long time. But one thing bothered her and that was her cat Luna. They weren’t sure how the newborn would be carried.

Scary stories

Both Jennifer and Julian hoped Luna would welcome the new family member, as Jennifer had heard horror stories of cats refusing to accept a new family member. Otherwise, they would have no choice but to take Luna to an animal shelter.

He scratched his stomach

As soon as Luna found out that Jennifer was pregnant, her stomach started to meow non-stop. Luna didn’t seem to be enjoying her pregnancy and started acting very strange. Jennifer was very disturbed by this strange behavior.

Desperate for an explanation

They didn’t know what was causing this strange behavior. Did Luna sense danger or was the child in trouble that Luna sensed? Jennifer needed the information now, before it was too late.

To the vet 

Jennifer asked Julian to take Luna to the vet. They had to make sure Luna was okay before they had to choose between the baby and the cat.

It’s a tough decision

Placing Luna in an animal shelter if she couldn’t take the child would be a difficult decision, but deep down they felt it was the safest option for their daughter. However, the vet could not answer.

Physical examination

He medically examined the cat to make sure it was healthy and found no problem. Something must be troubling the child, Julian said. He suggested that Julian check on Jennifer at the hospital.

You are having a panic attack

Jennifer started sobbing as soon as Julian made the announcement. There was definitely something wrong with the baby and Luna had probably noticed before. Jennifer finally worked up the courage to make an appointment with the doctor. He immediately ordered her inside. https://dfe78ebd47649297515a57d6b631618f.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-40/html/container.html

Help was needed 

Jennifer needed a ride, so she contacted her friend Eve, who was always there for her. He was a big help at home during her pregnancy. He arrived within minutes to accompany his companion to the emergency room. The receptionist let her in as soon as she arrived.


To make sure everything was fine, the doctor conducted a series of complex diagnostic tests. Nothing unusual was found on the ultrasound or other tests, so Jennifer and the baby appear to be healthy. They were still left with more questions than answers.

Sad and depressed

Jennifer was so emotional when they got back that she couldn’t stop sobbing until they were safe in her own home. She was afraid she would have to choose between her son and the cat. Eva reassured her. Eva assured Jennifer that she would be available even if they weren’t home. Eva soon becomes her nanny; He had plenty of time to prepare.


This assurance that Luna would always be on the lookout came as a relief to Jennifer. In the end, it took Jennifer a few weeks to give birth to their daughter Lily. After that, however, Luna’s strange behavior became even more extreme.

Luna seemed to finally calm down.

Everything seemed fine for the first few weeks. It was a family affair with Jennifer and Julian looking after their daughter. Luna seemed to calm down. But shortly after they got down to business, Eva called with bad news.

Don’t leave them

Jennifer was informed that Luna would not let Lily sleep alone in her room. He couldn’t move from Luna’s side. Jennifer didn’t know what to make of that. Julian was not convinced when she informed him. Luna was nothing but nice to Lily, which touched him deeply.


Then one day Eve caused a panic; She had just separated Luna and Lily and when she returned to the basement, Luna attacked her. Julian was aware that Luna was overprotective and realized that Luna needed to be disciplined for it.

The balance is tilted

He returned to the clinic with a broken heart and the doctor offered him a choice. Since the vet suspects something is wrong with Luna, he can either take her to an animal shelter or try to figure out what’s wrong with her.

Were they part of the problem?

When the vet suggested that Julian and his family might be the cause of the problem, Julian took offense and kicked him out of the clinic. Luna was too cautious to let Lily spend the night without her. On the other hand, Julian suspected there was more to it. He was by no means the cause of the problem.

A view of the couple

They decided to watch Luna and Lily for a while. Lily seemed to have a soft spot for the cat and Luna no doubt felt the same for Lily; As a result, Lily and Luna couldn’t say goodbye.


The problem was that Luna always seemed to be by Lily’s side when Julian put her to bed or she fell asleep alone. Julian accepted the situation until one day Eva called that Luna had bitten her. This caused Julian to become enlightened.

The eve

Julian noticed Luna’s strange behavior when Eva was around. While he was gone, Luna went into a state of rest. Eve must be guilty. He understood!

Take it easy

Although Jennifer warned Julian to calm down, she didn’t let him blow his mind. As Jennifer Julian explained, this isn’t Eva’s problem because Luna doesn’t let Lily sleep alone at night either. How are you?

The invention of pure brilliance

Jennifer had a great idea. For Luna and Lily’s sake, he ordered Julian to install security cameras throughout the house. This will inevitably lead to more comments. To make matters worse, they could even monitor Eva 24 hours a day.


It seems Eva had some reservations about Julian installing security cameras in the house. He asked whether it was necessary or not and what led to this situation. Julian did so rather suspiciously. He didn’t trust her much until she started pestering him with questions.

Luna didn’t seem to believe her.

When Julian watches the video of the early days, nothing seems out of the ordinary. Luna continued to be extremely protective. Luna kept looking to see where Eva was. There were more and more signs that Luna didn’t trust her. Julian intended to confront Eva.

Shocked and amazed

Because of their close friendship, Julian had to secretly get it from Jennifer. Julian got angry and yelled at Eva. You have my daughter and what are you doing with her! To say Eva was surprised is an understatement. In any case, Juliana assured her that she meant no harm.

There was a dispute 

Eva, who was arguing with Julian, answered him. What could she do? Even though Jennifer isn’t home at night, ever since she found out she’s pregnant, this silly cat is going crazy. Then Jennifer finally came home.


Jennifer was furious because Julian had the audacity to accuse her best friend Eve of trying to hurt her sister Lily. Jennifer gave Julian a deadline: either fix things immediately or get rid of Luna.

Videos recorded in the dark

At that moment, Julian realized that Eva had said something that would give him all the information he needed. At night, Luna reacts in the same way. Although she has never watched a night video before, she plans to start doing so now.


Running the program, Julian gasped as he watched the records being erased from the hard drive overnight. Something really strange was going on, but what exactly?

Separate copies in case of loss

He settled on the idea of ​​creating a separate encrypted backup of the nightly recordings each day. After finding the source, Julian was determined to discover the truth. Luna must have sensed something that neither he nor Jennifer could.

What we suspect all along

The next day, Julian was excited to review the tape, and when the tape appeared, his worst fears were confirmed. He notices something fishy on the nursery video as he walks in through the window.

Pure cheating

Julian was so surprised that he felt his pulse racing. Other reviews of the film only added to its awesomeness. He quickly dialed 911, hoping to prevent the situation from escalating.

Call 911

Julian describes his observations in detail. They assured him that all available police officers would be dispatched to his home immediately. Julian was sure he had stumbled upon something monumental, but why was such a large police presence necessary?

When the first cop arrives, things really get going.

Shortly after Julian called Jennifer to come home, he heard sirens outside. Finally, the first police presence arrived. Jennifer came home and demanded an explanation; As she watched the film, she fell to her knees in astonishment and crouched at Julian’s feet. because?

What does Luna do in response to Eve?

The officer said that Jennifer and Julian should be proud of their cat because it smelled something strange. After watching the tape, they asked Julian to give more details about his family’s situation. He explained in detail how his cat reacted to Eva. The policeman got angry about it.

Start an investigation

Worried about Eve, he asked, “Where is she?” They expected to be asked about her. Although he gave them his phone number, no one answered. Where was Eva when we needed her? After asking for details, Jennifer gave them all the information they needed.

Whistle on the wall

While on the second floor with Lily, Luna saw the police and went to the wall where she started meowing. Luna seemed to have something to say to the police. There was some secret behind the wall.

Hidden storage

They broke the wall with a hammer. Without consulting Julian or Jennifer, they knocked down the wall. There was a secret warehouse behind the wall! So what the hell was going on?

Find the safe

They quickly removed everything from the room, including the safe. Had to rent a safe. While all this is happening, another group of police officers are going through Eva Anderson’s file. Jennifer and Julian were amazed at what they came up with.

Jennifer is crying

As far as anyone could tell, Eve did not exist; it was never officially registered or registered anywhere. He has invented his entire existence, whatever it is. Jennifer sobbed; He and his best friend had been together for almost ten years. Where did they put the contents of the safe?

Safe cracker

As Ella waited for the safe to arrive, she was still meowing in the safe. His attention was also on Lily, who he was watching closely. The smell unnerved her. After the safe was finally cracked, they realized the enormity of the situation.


The safe contained a large sum of money, jewellery, important documents and travel documents. When one of the passports was opened, the officers saw a familiar face. “It’s Eve!” Jennifer said.

A secret agent operating on a global scale

They discovered Eva’s secret reservation. The police captain informs Jennifer that Elizabeth Holmes is an international spy. He had espionage warrants against him in seventeen different countries. Jennifer couldn’t believe it.

Simply put, there’s a good reason

Since Julian runs a government security agency, she spies on Jennifer and Julian. They can breach any part of the country’s security network. Elizabeth was most likely hired by a rival company to spill the beans. At night, he deleted the recordings and tried to hack into Julian’s system.

Luna’s actions

Luna was the only one who noticed Elizabeth’s strange behavior, so she did everything she could to protect Lily. Luna has apparently solved this mystery. The police warned Julian that he and his wife should be extremely proud of their cat.

Finding opportunities for emigration

They managed to stop Elizabeth as she tried to flee the country. She saw the police approaching the house and decided not to risk being caught. However, when he finally did, he revealed everything. The rescue mission was a success thanks to Luna.

Close friends

As children, Luna and Lily are inseparable friends. After a while, Lily’s parents told her the whole story. Since then, he was always with Luna. Even though she was busy, Luna didn’t stop taking care of Lily. She tries to be more selective about who she lets into her house, Julian and Jennifer. And at least they had Luna to watch over them if they went wrong again.

The events in this story are completely fictional and a figment of the author’s imagination. Attached images are illustrative only. Any resemblance to actual events, places or people, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

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