After months at sea, a sailor returns home with an unexpected surprise

After months at sea, a sailor returns home with an unexpected surprise. In an emotional story of reunion and joy, this brave sailor finally sets foot on dry land, bringing with him an amazing gift that will change his life forever.

The journey has been long and challenging, but fate had an unimaginable surprise in store that will captivate the hearts of all those who hear this story of adventure and love.

1. Hoeing

In January 2016, US Navy Sailor Chris Daugherty set sail for the seven seas. This was not the first time he had left the country, nor was it the first time he had spent a lot of time away from his loved ones. He left home with the expectation that he would return in five months.

But, once on board, this sailor would soon discover that this deployment would last much longer than he had originally planned. But that was not the only twist that fate had in store for him. Chris had no idea that he would come home and find something that would completely change his life.

2. Life of a military wife

While it undoubtedly has its rewards, the life of a military spouse also presents its challenges. Chris Daugherty and his wife, Natasha, had long faced obstacles in their line of work. The young couple from Temecula, California, were the parents of three young children and leaving them was always difficult for this military man.

The entire family wept through their smiles as they said goodbye to Petty Officer Chris Daugherty as the USS Vinson set sail for the waters off the Korean peninsula. His father was a Navy cryptology technician. While he spent his time cracking codes and deciphering signals, he was completely oblivious to the events that were taking place in the United States.

3. Absence

Like many military wives and the wives of enlisted men and women, Natasha felt very sad and lonely about the absence of her loving husband. About a week after Chris left home, Natasha began to take small steps to change her life.

These were baby steps at first, but as the weeks turned into months, her struggle to hide the truth became more and more difficult. Time passed, and Natasha was particularly adamant about making sure that no one person found out the whole truth.

4. Noisy children

Between taking care of her three children and giving time to her Navy husband, Natasha Daugherty had plenty to keep her busy. Although her firstborn was old enough to know better than to talk about the differences he had begun to notice in her mother, trying to keep the mouths of her other, louder children quiet, was a chore. much more difficult.

This busy mom had a hard time keeping her secret from her four-year-old son. Since the family was able to have regular conversations with Dad, Natasha always worried that her daughter would accidentally blurt out something that would arouse suspicion in her husband.

5. To count or not to count?

Natasha Daugherty was distraught, trying to decide whether or not to tell her husband a little secret that she knew would have a HUGE effect on both of their lives. Nothing would ever be the same.

Chris was in the middle of the ocean, thousands of miles from home, and he knew that telling him would cause him unnecessary stress and distract him from his duties. This enigma was further amplified by the fact that the family communicated regularly. They made video calls, talked frequently on the phone and sent photos to each other. Natasha was always worried that Chris would find out that she was hiding something from him.

6. Too close for comfort

This happy couple met when they both worked in the Navy. At the time, Natasha was working as an IT systems technician, and Chris fell head over heels in love. He couldn’t believe his luck to have found such a beautiful and intelligent woman with whom he had so much in common.

They got married in 2011 and after sharing so many years of their life together, keeping such a big secret from Chris was really hard for Natasha. In the course of her long run, there was one particular moment where she almost said it, but in the end, she managed to keep it to herself.

7. Waiting for the right moment

“I emailed him and told him to call me as soon as he got the chance, but then I thought about it for a few minutes and said, ‘You know, that’s not how I want to tell him…in an email,’” Natasha explained.

In addition to keeping it from her husband, Natasha also did not want her friends or family to find out about the secret. Still, it didn’t take long for the discerning people close to her to realize what was going on.

8. Increased tension

A situation was developing outside of Chris and Natasha’s control in Asia. Far from Natasha, but incredibly close to Chris’s location, a terrible threat grew and seemed to become more dangerous by the day.

The United States and its allies were incredibly nervous when the North Korean government began testing ballistic missiles and nuclear bombs, seemingly without end. They even shot one directly over Japan. What was in store for Chris and his unit?

9. Turbulent days

To take care of her family and not think about it, Natasha worked two jobs and continued to raise her three children while Chris was at sea serving his country. Anyone else may have cracked under so much stress. Natasha had persevered, but she was beginning to reach the end of her strength.

These were difficult days for Natasha, and all she could think about was how desperately she wanted to reveal the truth to her husband about what was going on in her life. There was only a week left for Chris to return home, until she received an unexpected announcement that cast doubt on the entire world of her.

10. Extended Tour

He had already been away for five long months when he had to call Natasha and tell her the bad news: Chris’s tour had been extended another 30 days. Following recent events, specifically a missile threat from North Korea, he made the decision to keep his ship in the region.

As international tensions continued to worsen, the same could be said for Natasha’s nerves. She could barely sleep and she wanted nothing more than to tell Chris the secret that she had kept secret for so long. Still, he had come this far from her, so she decided to hold out for just another month and wait for him to come home to her.

11. Eagerly Mounted

Despite her adamant decision to wait until her husband came home to tell him the news that would undoubtedly change her life, she knew that, God forbid, if something were to happen to him, she would never get over the fact that it hadn’t. made. I told.

“As soon as we started having problems with North Korea, I got worried,” he said in an interview with NBC. “He was saying goodbye to me. At that time, I was extremely emotional. I wanted to tell him, I wanted to freak out,” Natasha continued. “But I stayed calm and waited, just a little longer.”

12. On the way home

At last, his six months were up and Chris was on his way home. This Navy man began the long journey back to the United States so that he could finally be reunited with his beloved family.

His children could barely contain their excitement at the thought of finally being able to see their dad again. Natasha was worried about how he would react when she finally found out the deep secret she had kept from him for so many months. As he made the journey across the Pacific Ocean, Chris was completely unaware of the fact that he would receive more than hugs when he finally set foot on his homeland.

13. Welcome home

On June 23, 2017, the entire Daugherty family traveled west to San Diego to welcome Chris home. When he got off the boat, he was grinning from ear to ear at the sight of his loving family eagerly awaiting his return.

Dressed in the most adorable sailor suits, his two daughters and son couldn’t wait to run into their father’s arms and give him a big hug. They jumped around him in excitement, yelling and shooting questions at him. Natasha waited for all the chaos to settle, and she caught herself. Chris couldn’t understand why until he reached out to her.

14. Precious Time

After the touching reunion with his children, Chris was looking forward to giving his beautiful wife a big kiss. She smiled softly and held a large sign to welcome her brave husband back from her display. Evidently she hadn’t read what was written on it and instead went straight to hug him.

As he approached her, arm outstretched, Natasha stepped back, letting the sign drop to the ground. Chris stopped short. He was completely shocked, frozen in place, until he finally said, “Is that real? Are you serious?”

15. The Big Reveal

Natasha’s sign read, “Welcome Home Daddy.” She hadn’t given it much thought since the couple already had three children. But hidden under the sign was something she could never have anticipated, something that would change her life.

Once she tossed the banner to the ground, he read what was written on her T-shirt: “I’m the present my dad gave my mom before they unfurled it.” This was written on top of her stomach VERY PREGNANT! People crowded around, and soon everyone was very excited. Some even cried.

16. Mind: Blown

Chris’s mind was completely blown. “He was totally confused,” he commented on this incredible moment. “I was looking at her, then I touched him because he wasn’t sure if she was playing a trick on me.”

Once the shock was over, the reunited husband and wife hugged and kissed, at last, rejoicing at their long-awaited return and the surprise that another child would soon join their family. They thought it couldn’t get better than this. But then something happened that made this day EVEN BETTER.

17. The pride of a dad

As if the stars were aligned, Chris’s homecoming happened to be around Father’s Day! He came home just a few days after the annual Sunday festivities, and this was the best gift he could have asked for.

“I already have three, so a fourth will only add to the excitement and craziness,” Chris stated. The family celebrated when the weight of his absence evaporated and they looked forward to their new member. Little did they know that they were about to become famous. Natasha still had another surprise left!

18. In the know

Even though Natasha had tried to hide her pregnancy from her friends and family to avoid any risk of the secret being revealed to Chris, her bulging belly eventually gave her away. Still, when she told them of her plans, they were happy to keep quiet.

A friend of the couple who was present at the Navy homecoming dance recorded the touching family reunion. It quickly went viral on Facebook and now has over half a million views. However, no one, especially Chris, would have guessed what Natasha did to keep the secret from her for so long.

19. Secretly

To give Chris the surprise of his life when he got off the boat, Natasha figured out some pretty clever methods to keep her pregnancy a secret. Her goal was to make it seem like everything was normal, and that meant she had to be creative.

Of course, she continued to send Chris photos from home while he was away, to make him smile and keep him updated on their lives. Because of this, she had to be super diligent, especially with the other kids!

20. Keep It Undercover

Natasha made sure to hide her baby bump in the shots for Chris. In one image, she puts her youngest son on her lap to disguise her stomach. In another, she’s holding a can of beer which, of course, she definitely didn’t drink.

When it came to keeping her children away, the eldest was the hardest. “I had to tell my four-year-old son that he was getting fat. Otherwise she would say so! Because she’s a chatterbox,” Natasha laughed as she explained her various strategies. But that was not all.

21. The hardest part

“I found out a week after he left. I didn’t think so,” Natasha told ABC News. “I took the pregnancy test again and I was like ‘oh no way’.” When this happened, Natasha was about eight weeks pregnant.

She was so overjoyed, and all she wanted to do was tell Chris the good news. She opened her email but then thought twice, realizing she’d rather save the surprise for when he got home. “I emailed him back and said, ‘I just miss your voice.’ That’s when I decided she would document it with weekly tummy shots of him so she wouldn’t miss it.” But the story is far from over.

22. Keeping the secret

He said that keeping the secret from Chris was one of the most difficult challenges he has ever faced. However, he knew that if he told her, he would have been worried and upset that he wasn’t there with her.

In addition, it was difficult for Natasha to deal alone with the worries and challenges that pregnancy brings. Still, she decided that the look on her face would make it all worth it. Although Chris had missed the first seven and a half months of his wife’s pregnancy, there was still a second surprise waiting for them!

23. The second surprise

Even though she’d already been able to keep her bun in the oven a secret from her husband’s sailor, she figured she should spend enough time with Chris when he got back before the baby was born to give him one more amazing surprise. We are very glad that she was correct.

In their happy reunion, Natasha told Chris that she was pregnant, but that there was key information he didn’t have about their future child. Would he be a boy or a girl?

24. Gender

Natasha knew that once Chris got home, they should have a gender reveal party. They invited all their loved ones to share this celebration with them.

Surrounded by friends and family, Natasha and Chris blew up a bunch of balloons. Lots of pink confetti fell from them! Another daughter was on the way and they couldn’t be happier. The fourth child was due in August, which gave them about two months to take some time and get something they surely needed.

25. Time together

After Chris finally made it home, it was time for the Daugherty family to enjoy some much-needed quality time together. In addition to preparing for their new baby by stocking up on diapers and the like, the happy couple also found time to snap some adorable maternity photos.

Natasha and Chris definitely needed to spend some time with the three children they already had before devoting most of their attention and time to their newborn. Ever since she had gone to sea, Chris had been dreaming of being with his family. But there was still a catch, and everyone was aware of it.

26. The Next Deployment

Even though he was having so much fun playing with his kids and watching his wife’s belly get bigger and bigger, one big question still lurked in the back of Chris’s mind. This very question was a concern for the whole family.

They all knew Chris would receive a deployment notice soon, but they didn’t know when. How long would he be gone? Would something happen in the world that would mean he had to leave sooner or for an even longer period of time? They all prayed that he would at least be able to stay to welcome his new daughter into the world.

27. Home Sweet Home

Being in the military means that there is a chance to be summoned at any given time. Nonetheless, Chris Daugherty was crossing his fingers that he would still be home when it was time for Natasha to give birth to her new daughter.

Fortunately, he would be by her side, as she was told another deployment was not scheduled until early 2018. That meant that when her daughter arrived in August 2017, he could be there to enjoy the miracle of birth.

28. A growing family

Everyone was happy that Chris was there when Natasha gave birth to their fourth child on September 2  ,  2017. They decided to name the baby Anara Rose. Her growing family included a 10-year-old boy, a 4-year-old girl, an 18-month-old girl, both parents, and the baby.

“We love you so much! You have completed our family of six,” Chris wrote on Facebook after the birth of his daughter. “I can’t wait to take you home.” Now that the family was happy with their new addition, they were able to more clearly express their feelings about what had just happened.

29. It’s all worth it

Despite the challenges, both parents were happy to share the surprise of the pregnancy in person. Natasha found it especially hard to keep everything quiet, but she was so glad she did. Chris was glad that she had returned in time to see his daughter born.

Natasha was also happy that her husband hadn’t worried about being away when he should have been doing his work at sea. What they both said will bring a tear to your eyes.

30. What they said

“It was a big surprise to discover it that way. Finding out via email or phone is easy, but because she saved it, it was special,” Chris said with tears in his eyes. Natasha said something along the same lines.

“It was hard, but in the end it was worth it,” Natasha told NBC. Having successfully thrown the surprise at Chris, Natasha continued to rock the boat as she explained whether or not she had more surprises up her sleeve for Chris’s upcoming deployment.

31. Another surprise?

Before Chris went to sea again with the Navy, the pair did an interview with CBS. “What surprises are you going to have in store next time?” asked Jamie Yuccas in return. Natasha laughed and said, “Nothing.” Although we can’t be sure of that!

Well, since the first one worked so splendidly, that’s probably enough. And while this came as no surprise, the family still had to prepare when Chris had to go back to sea when Anara Rose was just four months old.

32. Back on Duty

In the early months of 2018, Chris set off on a ship bound for the western Pacific Ocean again. This tour of duty took him to Guam, the Philippines, and Vietnam. Despite the fact that Natasha had promised her that she would not hide any surprises from him this time, her heart still longed to return home every day.

After spending so much time away from his family, Chris vowed that he would put away electronic devices to spend more quality time with loved ones when he returned. Four months after his departure, Chris finally set sail for the US, wondering whether or not his wife would really keep his promise of no surprises this time.

33. Military Family

In April 2018, Chris Daugherty came home to say hello to his loving family. Everyone was surprised when this time there were no more surprises after all (at least that we know of).

Everyone could tell how much Chris had missed his entire family, especially the baby. Although this homecoming may not be so sensational for us, the last one was something we will never forget.

34. Kept in our hearts

If Natasha gave Chris his big surprise, it soon went from social media to mainstream media. Stations across the country picked up on this moving story, and many articles made it to the press. The couple continued to receive invitations for interviews from all kinds of reporters.

Of course, Chris Daugherty is one of many Navy men who miss his family while at sea. While all this was happening, another soldier was experiencing a similar situation on the other side of the United States. Although he knew that his wife was pregnant, there was a big problem.

35. Far From Home

Unlike Chris Daugherty, Jon Keeney knew full well that his wife, Megan, was expecting a child. However, he was away from home, signed up for active duty in an even worse situation than Chris’s, and had no chance of being sent home. Circumstances were not at all in his favor.

In 2012, Keeney, 26, was a member of the 305th Military Police Unit  of  the United States Armed Forces stationed in Afghanistan. He enlisted in the Army Reserves six years prior to this and completed a tour of Iraq before signing up to go to war in Afghanistan. While away from family friends, he received some shocking news.

36. Forced to serve

Jon Keeney got the news that his wife, Megan, was pregnant just two days before he had to get on a plane to go to war. Now there were more lives he had a duty to protect, in his West Virginia home.

But, while Jon was away, Megan received challenging news from her doctor. During the fifth month of her pregnancy, she was informed that, due to a heart condition, her baby’s blood flow was not as it should be. This meant that giving birth would be a more complicated and risky procedure.

37. Precious License

Even though Jon had sworn to serve his country, he couldn’t stop thinking about his family. He desperately wanted to come home, even for a short time, to be with his wife as she went through this risky birth. Even if she survived, what would happen to her baby?

Everyone was happy to learn that Jon was granted precious leave for the last few weeks of Megan’s pregnancy. As he started to return home from Afghanistan, it seemed the world had turned against him. His flights had been cancelled!

38. Working Against the Clock

As Jon desperately tried to get home on a seemingly endless series of flights from his military police base in Afghanistan to his hometown in West Virginia, things seemed to go from bad to worse. All the delays were making him incredibly nervous.

It was a terrible situation. After his charter flight from Germany to the United States grounded, he was stuck there for four full days. He was working against the clock and he knew that Megan was eagerly awaiting his return. It was going to happen?

39. Just in time

Jon’s father decided he had to get involved and pulled some strings with his friends in the United States Senate and House of Representatives. Fortunately, everything worked out in the end. Jon Keeney finally made it to his West Virginia home, and just in time.

Just two days after her return, Megan went into labor and was so glad her husband was there to support her at West Virginia University Children’s Hospital. On June 17  ,  2012, they were happy to welcome Jaxson Lucas Keeney into the world. Unfortunately, he was immediately taken to the operating room.

* This story is a work of fiction intended for entertainment. The characters and events are the product of the author’s imagination. The images shown are for illustrative purposes only.

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