Acute Pain Causes

None of us is exempt from pain. Usually it is not the problem, but it is that which causes pain that is the problem. Humans endure pain quite well, generally speaking, but there are instances of acute pain that are simply unbearable. In some instances acute pain causes blackouts, in some other cases it may cause one to lose consciousness.

Some people are more susceptible to feel pain that others and some seem to endure a great deal of the worst aches imaginable. Painful sensations are usually warnings to our brain that something is hurting and that something does not function properly. Acute pain is a warning to your body about an existing danger that may cause great damage to your body as a whole or to some of its parts.

Oftentimes acute pain is accompanied by dull and nagging pain, and sometimes the two alternate. Acute pain usually concentrates in one particular spot, not too wide in diameter, before it spreads wider. If it would be plausible to choose between the two types of pain- dull and chronic pain and acute one, the latter is much easier to fight and treat then the former.


It’s hard to talk about symptoms that acute pain causes, because it is actually a symptom itself. It is a symptom of something that goes wrong; internally or externally, whether it’s a cut or a swelling or being jammed, etc. At times acute pain causes emotional stress and certain numbness to anything else that is going on around the person suffering from acute pain.

If the cause of ache is external, it may reveal itself by swelling, bleeding, bruising or growth of foreign matter. When it has to do with something internal, X-Ray and blood tests may the best ways to diagnose the cause of acute pain and its potential removal.

Whether it’s caused by a burn or a sting or a bite, these are stimuli that trigger certain nerve terminals that inform our brain that something is wrong. If it aches, it means it’s still there, and that, mind you, is a good thing. Some people believe they would rather not feel the ache, but in reality the opposite is true; it is ultimately helpful and preventive. Learn to use it to work for you and not against you.


Treating aches can be an easy task as well as it can be very complex, depending on its roots. Headaches, backaches, heartaches and all other sorts of severe and acute aches may present a certain danger. However, let me remind you again, pain is your friend, even though acute pain causes you to suffer. It does not matter if acute pain causes you to forget happiness and laughter for a while.

It does not matter if acute pain causes you to lose sleep occasionally. What matters is that if you adhere to its signals, you may prevent something far more dangerous, far more painful and far more serious and far more long-lasting.

Having realized that and having done everything that needs to be done to locate the source of acute pain, take any means possible to alleviate it by means of anesthetics. These can be either used internally- by means of pills such as Tylenol, Acetaminophen, Ibuprofen and the like that are all basically designed to get rid of painful sensations.

As for external use, it comes down to cream and lotions and gels that anesthetize locally. It may numb the area around the source of the ache, which in time will pass.

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