A woman claimed to have seen a ‘ghost’ during a plane flight and it caused panic among the passengers

The passengers of a plane experienced a terrifying moment before starting their flight because a girl began to scream desperately. According to her, there was a ‘ghost‘ at the end of the hallway and that’s why she took her things and wanted to get out. One of those who was there recorded the entire sequence that went viral on the Internet.

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The young woman claimed that a ‘ghost’ was going to kill them all. (Video: Instagram/@carrottoplive)

Instagram user @carrottoplive shared in his stories the creepy moment he experienced in the last few hours. A young woman claimed that there was an ‘evil entity‘ on the plane and alerted everyone who was there. However, only she could see it. The desperation was such that everyone believed that something extremely serious had happened to her.

The woman ran down the hallway and when she reached the middle, she pointed towards the back because, according to her, there was a ‘presence‘ that was bothering her. “You can stay on board if you want, but I’m not going to die alongside all of you,” she expressed. Everyone looked towards the place she pointed out but there was no one.

Passengers had to disembark and wait three hours for the flight to depart again.  (Capture: Instagram/@carrottoplive)
Passengers had to disembark and wait three hours for the flight to depart again. (Capture: Instagram/@carrottoplive)

After the warning, she went down on her own but was not arrested. Meanwhile, the others had to disembark and wait three hours until they could take off again. The plane took off without problems and everything turned into an unforgettable anecdote.

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