A 28-year-old woman gives birth to her first child, then feels something strange and doctors intervene urgently

Emily, 28, had just given birth to her first child: a beautiful girl she named Hailey. The doctors walked out of the room, leaving Emily and her boyfriend alone to appreciate her newborn.

But, after holding her daughter for no more than 5 minutes, the young mom suddenly felt something strange… Emily felt a pang in her belly. Her boyfriend ran out of the room and called medical personnel immediately. And luckily he did…

A hard delivery

When Emily’s doctor came back in and realized what was going on, she didn’t hesitate for a moment! Hailey’s birth was quite difficult. He left Emily completely drained and exhausted.

She required epidural anesthesia and several doctors witnessed this extraordinary birth. Every effort was worth it so that everything went well. But no one was prepared for what would come after Hailey’s birth…

great tension

The fact that Emily and Tom could hold their daughter in their arms for at least 5 minutes was a small miracle in itself. It was not certain that Emily could get pregnant.

And that’s because she suffers from a rare condition known as Turner Syndrome. This hereditary condition had affected Emily’s physical development since her childhood.

a strong disease

The disease had great consequences for her. And it is for this reason that the last photo is so touching… Due to her condition, Emily was less than 1.50m tall, but besides this, there was no other difference in her appearance.

However, the syndrome had an effect that deeply alarmed Emily. The consequences of this disease were much worse for Emily. She had been born with a small number of eggs and her ovaries were severely underdeveloped.

frustrated dream

Having children had always been the dream of her life. But it seemed that it could never come true. And then, just after her 24th birthday, Emily received some terrible news…

One of her ovaries had completely stopped working and would have to be removed preventively. This was a hard blow for the young woman, who still kept in silence the hope of becoming a mother.

How to tell?

Emily met her current boyfriend, Tom, shortly before this news and kept it a secret. He had already told her that he wanted to have children with her. Now how was he going to tell her that news?

Emily and Tom’s dream was shattered during a routine doctor’s appointment. But Tom still didn’t know about this. When Tom came home from work, Emily was lying on the sofa, completely devastated.

partner support

He immediately realized that Emily wasn’t well, so he asked her what was going on. Emily told her about Turner Syndrome and the terrible news the doctor had told her.

He put his hands on her shoulders and told her, “It’s all good honey! I love you, it doesn’t matter if we have kids or not. We’re in this together and this is what we’re going to do,” he continued.

Ring… Ring… Ring…

These were the words Emily needed to hear. She wiped the tears from her cheeks and looked at her boyfriend with such love. I would love to have children with you, you know that. She turned and rushed to hug him. And then all of a sudden the cell phone rang…

It was his doctor’s secretary: the one who had given him the bad news earlier that day. She told him over the phone that there might be “a” chance of having a child, but that such treatment could have several complications.


Emily didn’t care. The two immediately put on their coats and rushed to the hospital. What Emily didn’t know at the time was that in the end, this news would be very different than what she had imagined!

They both sat in front of the doctor, who gave them great news. “We saw a few active eggs in your ovary. We can artificially fertilize them, but we have to do it quickly.”

The pregnancy

Emily and Tom immediately looked at each other, and already knew what they were going to say. “Let’s do it!” They made the decision right then and there. And the process was almost as fast…

Very soon after the procedure, Emily was already pregnant and her belly was growing rapidly. But this caused him many complications. Emily’s little body was not ready to have a child. She was in terrible pain…

Time goes fast

The nine months of pregnancy were a great agony for the new mom, until her water broke. They rushed to the hospital! But Tom and Emily had no idea, that within a few hours, this birth would take an unexpected turn…

The delivery took more than 5 hours, and it was not easy at all. But thanks to epidural anesthesia and a lot of effort, her daughter Hailey was finally born at 2:00 in the morning. They were totally exhausted, but happy.

Something happens

As the doctors left the room, they had a moment alone to take this beautiful photo. But suddenly, after only 5 minutes, Emily felt something unusual in her body.

The new mom felt a horrible pain in her belly and was terrified! Tom looked at Emily and noticed that she was turning pale. They were clearly not feeling well, so Tom ran down the hall and called the medical staff immediately.

Everything is over?

And luckily he did. When Emily’s doctor came back in and realized what was going on, he didn’t hesitate for a moment! The departure seemed to have ended. But that was not so for Emily.

The young mom had a big surprise for everyone. And especially for herself. The doctors hadn’t noticed anything. The size of the baby must have distorted the images, as Hailey was too big.


But another ultrasound clearly showed that there were two other babies!! Both babies were somewhat underdeveloped, probably because Hailey took up so much space.

But now they would have to be born. Emily and Tom couldn’t believe what was happening. First, they had been told they could never have children, and now they were told they had triplets!

All went well

Labor began immediately and more hospital staff poured into the room. It was now or never! All ended favorably, and Emily recovered after a few days. She had become the mother of beautiful triplets!

Hailey’s brother and sister had to stay in the hospital for several weeks to recover. And now the brave mother and her three children are completely healthy.


It was probably her last three eggs that were waiting to surprise her. But apparently, they hit the target three times. The chance was 1 in a million, but it happened.

This is a photo of the precious triplets which was taken a few months after this amazing story broke on the internet. We introduce you to the Hailey brothers, Flinn and June.

And if this story surprised you, wait until you see the next one!

a normal family

Nia and Robert Tolbert and their son were just like any other family. That was until Nia got pregnant a second time and then a third time. In fact, the type of pregnancy the Tolberts experienced was so rare that it shocked experts around the world and even made headlines. You are probably wondering why? Read on to find out.


Nia and Robert had no idea what would happen with each of their pregnancies, but they certainly didn’t expect it. Read on to find out what happened when the doctor told Robert what he was going to have!

nia and robert

Nia and Robert first met in 2007 through mutual friends and for them it was love at first sight. They quickly began dating and their relationship became serious.


Over the years, things were looking up for the couple. Their relationship had its ups and downs, like all relationships, but one thing was clear: their love was meant to last. After a few years, they got some amazing news.

an amazing addition

That incredible news was Nia’s pregnancy. It was her first pregnancy and the couple couldn’t have been happier to hear the news. The couple, originally from Waldorf, Maryland, knew that building a family was the next step in their relationship.


Nia gave birth to a beautiful boy named Shai in 2011. The pregnancy went very well and the couple couldn’t have been happier. Little did Shai know that he was destined to be the first of many more children to come to the Tolbert home.


In 2014, Nia and Robert finally decided to get married. Nia, Robert, and little Shai were the perfect little family, but not for long. By the time Nia and Robert got married, something else was already in the works that would change the Tolbert family forever.


A new pregnancy! Nia was pregnant again. The Tolberts were really anxious to find out if her new child would be a boy or a girl. But what happened next surprised them.

a second pregnancy

During the second pregnancy, the entire Tolbert family was in a frenzy, excited to find out the sex of the new baby. But when Nia went to the doctor’s office for the ultrasound, she received some surprising news.

triplets pregnancy

Nia and Robert Tolbert found out that not only did they have a baby on the way to their lives, they had two! What wonderful news for the couple. And as for the sexes, both were male.

The birth

Nia Tolbert gave birth to beautiful twin boys in 2015, named Riley and Alexander. If you count, the Tolberts were now a family of five. Both Nia and Robert agreed that their family was big enough.


The house became very hectic with three small children running around and destroying everything in their path. But Nia and Robert, together, were the perfect team and they managed to keep things together and love all of their children equally.


The Tolberts were now a family of five, with children running around. According to Nia and Robert, they felt that their family was big enough and that they did not plan to have more children. But as we all know, plans almost never work out as planned.


The couple took care of their three beautiful children. If they had thought that raising a child was hard enough, they soon realized that having twins was double trouble. But that was not all…


But in 2017, to her surprise, Nia found out that she was pregnant for the third time. This pregnancy was not planned, but Nia and Robert thought it must be God’s plan and prepared to welcome a new arrival.


And while it wasn’t planned, the family was excited to welcome a new member. The house was in disarray again, this time waiting for a girl to be fostered (that’s what the parents expected, the boys wanted another brother).


From the beginning, Nia knew that there was something different about this pregnancy. She knew it all along. Having been through two pregnancies before, she could sense that something was different. She felt it both physically and emotionally.


Nia hoped that what she felt meant that she was going to have a daughter. It would be nice to have a daughter in the family after all those children. But that was not the case… as they would soon find out.

Something different

Nia Tolbert noticed that with this pregnancy she had many more emotional reactions and pregnancy hormones were rising like she had never felt before. She was also growing much faster than in her previous pregnancies. In the back of her mind she was a little worried something was wrong.


Nia didn’t quite understand what was going on because she was acting the same way. She stayed in shape by doing yoga, eating nutritious foods, and taking her neonatal vitamins as directed. It wasn’t until she went in for her first ultrasound that she began to understand what was so different this time.

the first ultrasound

When Nia went for her first ultrasound, she was nervous and excited, knowing that there was something different about this pregnancy. She couldn’t exactly put her finger on it. But it was something important and life changing.

nia tolbert

“Robert and I always joked about having a big family, but we didn’t plan on having any more pregnancies after the twins. It was a surprise. “And it was going to be a big one when Nia’s ultrasound came along.

an amazing ultrasound

At the doctor’s office, Nia prepared for the ultrasound, always keeping in mind that this pregnancy was different. She prepared for all eventualities and prayed that the baby would be okay.


“When we were expecting twins, the ultrasound technician asked us if there were twins in our family. This time I was asked the same question and I thought, ‘Oh, we still have twins.

A double review

The technician finally confirmed to the young mother that she was expecting more twins. At first, the news shocked Nia. But she soon recovered, seeing it as a blessing and a gift from God.


That’s when Nia went to the bathroom, and when she came back, the technician told her he wanted to do another check, just to make sure. Feeling that it was better to be safe, Nia agreed that prevention was better than cure.


The second ultrasound was more thorough, as the technician did not want to miss anything abnormal. The verdict was: Nia was not carrying two, but three babies. According to her mother, once she got the news, “everything suddenly went crazy.


Twins, she knew how to do it, but triplets were a different story. At first, she feared that she and her husband Robert would not be able to cope with this new increase in family size. But she eventually got used to the idea.

extremely rare

The same doctor who delivered Nia’s twins was supposed to take care of her triplets, and according to him, getting pregnant with one boy, then two, then three is “extremely rare.” Dr. Rami Tabbarah also said that Nia’s pregnancies defied all odds.


“It’s less than one in 1,000 [births]. In general, it’s very unlikely to happen to anyone in general,” Dr. Tabbarah told reporters. “It is very rare to have twins and then triplets naturally in the same life. »

The chances of increasing

There is a history of multiple births in Nia and Robert’s families, increasing the chances of the mother having multiples. But hers far exceeded the statistics of the entire extended family.


Some indicators of a higher chance of multiple pregnancies are being overweight, being overweight, being African-American, undergoing fertility treatment, and becoming pregnant while breastfeeding. For now, only Nia knew the news, and it was time to tell her husband.

need a plan

Nia wondered how she was going to break the news to her husband, Robert. She was leaving Maryland to spend the weekend in Tampa, Florida and she decided that she would leave Robert a gift that she would not find until she left her.


The gift consisted of an excerpt from her (long) ultrasound, in which babies A, B and C were clearly visible. It also included three handkerchiefs and a note, asking Robert to “accept this gift from her and from God.”

The gift

“I opened the bag and I saw a very, very long ultrasound,” said Robert Tolbert. “Then I saw three bodies… and they were numbered 1, 2 and 3.” After I received the gift and finally understood what it meant… …Robert fainted.


“I was just surprised,” he says. “I went straight to bed.” Meanwhile, Nia was wondering why she hadn’t heard from her dear husband. Who could blame her reaction to this beautiful, but surprising news?

The appeal

When Robert finally regained consciousness, he had grown used to the idea. He called her wife and congratulated her, despite her fears about the challenges of bringing three more children into the Tolbert family.


He later laughed and admitted that he honestly thought his wife had bought him a Fitbit as a gift before he left, because he had hinted that she wanted one. Instead, he received the blow of the life from him when he found out they were having triplets.

The answer

“When I got to Tampa later that day for a girls’ trip, I finally got in touch with him and he told me he was happy but had passed out,” Nia recalls. Luckily, Robert had recovered from the initial shock and got to work.


He said at the time that the couple had “made some adjustments and room for the three little blessings that are coming soon!” The couple had a tough job, as they were not expecting a single child. Three kids is triple the work!

Reveal the sex of babies

The happy couple decided they didn’t want to know the gender of their triplets right away. Instead, they decided to have a party where they popped balloons and the color of the confetti indicated the gender.

gender reveal

At the party, when the time finally came to pop the balloons, there was excitement in the air. The first balloon popped, a girl. The second balloon popped, a girl. Then finally the third balloon popped, a girl. So all three triplets were girls!

A balance

Nia and Robert were happy to expect three girls. His family would eventually balance with three boys and three girls. But some people didn’t take the news as well as expected. Can you guess who they are?

triplets pregnancy

The boys were disappointed that they didn’t have more brothers. According to Nia, it’s because they want the house to be full of ninja turtles and superhero toys. But eventually they got used to the idea of ​​having little sisters.


“We’re both thrilled with this new experience of raising girls,” Nia told Us magazine, “Rob is excited to have his own entourage because the boys stick to me like glue! I’m curious…how will it change? Is this our family dynamic?”

Three Boys and Three Girls

“Will it be like in the movies? Who’s going to comb all that hair? It’s going to be hectic, we know. But we trust God and Pinterest to find our rhythm!” the mom added, confident that they would always find a way. to solve it.

childbirth is coming

Nia and Robert’s triplets were due to arrive on February 9, but with triplets, you never know what can happen. A few weeks before her due date, Nia started having contractions. She came and went, so Nia thought it was nothing. Then one day…


“The contractions came about five minutes apart and started to get closer, so I decided to call my mom,” Nia said. She said that she thought she would “go to the hospital and they would probably send me home.” It happens with all pregnancies.

A trip to the hospital

Nia and Robert were at the hospital, waiting to be sent home, when they heard the shocking news. “We are going to deliver the babies today,” said one of the doctors. Nia, still in shock, frantically asked where her doctor was.


Then, as if it were going to happen, the moment her doctor entered the room, Nia’s water broke. The triplets were coming! They all got ready for a long night and prayed that all was well and the triplets were healthy.


Nia delivered all three babies by caesarean section on January 30, 2018. All the babies were healthy, as were their mothers. At the end of the labor, the doctor asked Nia how she felt; her only response was “finally alone”.


“They’re so cute. Oh my gosh,” Nia said with a big smile as she held her babies for the first time. After 34 weeks and five days of pregnancy, Nia and Robert’s new little angels had finally arrived.


The babies weighed between 1.8 and 2.1 kilograms and were healthy despite their premature births. Two of the triplets are identical, the third is his fraternal twin. Now all Nia and Robert had to do was decide on names for their three beautiful daughters.


Nia and Robert named the fraternal twin Mackenzie, and the identical twins Zuri and Bailey. After the triplets were born, Nia was nicknamed “1-2-3 Mom” ​​for the number of babies she had in each of her pregnancies: one, twins, and then triplets.

Day to day

When asked what her plan was, Nia replied, “There’s no real plan. We have no idea how it’s going to happen. The couple decided to take things one day at a time, and believe that everything will work out.


“God has chosen us,” said Robert. “We didn’t know what our life was going to be like, but we fully embrace it, and we’re going to do whatever it takes to make sure our children are loved equally. “Keep reading to find out what the happy couple did to make it all work.

It takes a whole town

Nia and Robert say they cannot raise their children without the support of family, friends and neighbors. After all, it takes a whole town to raise a child. And the couple not only have one, now they have half a dozen.


“But we’re not too worried,” says Nia. “I know we won’t sleep for a few years, our grocery bill will go up, our house won’t be quiet, and that’s okay,” she said firmly.

Help is needed

The Tolberts need all the help they can get to raise their large family. Even though they have the support of their friends and family, every little thing helps. They have also started a participatory fundraising campaign on Fundly to raise money to buy a new car.


We understand why they need a new car now that they have to commute at eight. The Tolbert family says they will find a way to have an even bigger family and are excited about what the future holds.

More children?

Many people wonder what would happen if Nia and Robert decided to have more children, and if she would continue to have several. Or even become “mommy 1-2-3-4”. Who knows? She has already broken records for her exceptional deliveries.


That question may never be answered. When asked if she would have more children, or at least consider having more, Nia replied, “Absolutely not. I’m sure we won’t have any more children.” As for the other questions about the Tolbert family, Nia and Robert they had some interesting ideas on how to keep the world informed about their beautiful children. Ella read on to find out just how big the Tolberts really are.


His Fundly page is called “Totally Tolbert”, a pseudonym Nia and Robert created for their family. Nia and Robert have added a summary of their beautiful love story and how they came to create this page. They have set a goal of $40,000 (35,600 euros) for the new family car and have raised $940 (836 euros) to date.


I hope your goal is reached soon because no family deserves more help than the Tolbert family. Also, Nia is involved in other projects to stay active and provide for her family in any way she can.

pretty and fabulous

It’s no surprise that all of Nia’s pregnancies have had an impact on her body, but that hasn’t stopped her from staying fit and looking slim. She is a private yoga instructor and wellness coach and launched her MOTHERLOVINGYOGA™ brand in May 2017.


His brand is dedicated to promoting the practice of yoga on and off the mat for men and women of all ages. She believes that the art of yoga can invigorate and stimulate people from all walks of life. But that’s not the only page Nia has created on social media.

the power of sharing

Nia not only uses her new brand MOTHERLOVINGYOGA™ to encourage others to stay fit and healthy through yoga and meditation, but she also shares her own journey, reflections and experiences of birth, motherhood and all that comes with it.

triplets pregnancy

She is also very honest and doesn’t always take a glove to say things. In her only Facebook post, she talks about how grateful and happy she is, but also mentions the challenges of raising six young children. “Every day there’s a rush of ‘what, leave mom alone’, ‘I can’t take it anymore’, ‘why do this?’ and a few tears. But I seem to make it through to the next day and the next adventure. “


When Nia Tolbert isn’t nurturing her own brand and raising half a dozen kids, she’s also an international wellness coach at Herbalife Nutrition. The company manufactures nutritional products that promote a balanced diet and an active lifestyle.


Nia believes in the brand and has agreed to be the spokesperson for the company because it promotes a healthy and active lifestyle without silver bullets. Its innovative products, such as vitamins, shakes and supplements, are developed by the best doctors and scientists in the medical industry to promote a healthy and active lifestyle.

Totally Tolbert™

In addition to creating their own yoga and wellness brand, Nia and Robert Tolbert decided to create a Facebook and Instagram page called Totally Tolbert™ to share their family’s daily experiences with the rest of the world. In fact, they created the social media accounts in response to public demand.


Many people were fascinated by their story and begged them to keep posting news and photos of the boys and their beautiful triplets, so the Tolberts kept their word. Now everyone can follow the events and adventures of Robert and Nia, “1-2-3 mom”, or what she calls “our Kru”.

Brothers and Sisters

Introducing the family’s story on Instagram, the Tolberts wrote: “We are Totally Tolbert™ Kru, 3 brothers 3 sisters SOLO (boy) ~JUMEAUX (boys) ~TRIPLÉES (girls). Follow our adventures!” and also Added your email address for any suggestions, compliments, and special requests on the site.


Those interested can check out the adorable photos and videos of Shai, twins Riley and Alexander, and triplets Mackenzie, Zuri, and Bailey. They really know how to capture special moments and you can see the love and attention that Robert and Nia give to each of their children.

The steps

To celebrate the triplets’ eighth week, Nia added a photo of them wearing three pairs of adorable pink loafers with black and white stripes and the caption, “Beauty Strikes Again.” Happy 8 week dolls. “And the internet loved it.


Their page has a considerable number of visitors (about 4,000), so they receive a lot of comments for each article. People rushed to see this photo and the comments poured in: “When can I babysit?” and “They are so adorable!”. I love the little shoes. »

the tolbert boys

Before the girls were born, Shai and the twins liked to cling to Nia. After all, boys always love their mommy. However, since the arrival of the triplets, Robert and the boys have spent a lot of time together goofing off.


Nia posted a photo of her four men taking a break with the girls and wrote: “The Tolbert boys! Half the team is taking a break with the girls. Alex for the antics, Riley for the attitude, Shai for the kindness , and Rob for Father’s Swag.”

The perfect photo

The Tolberts can’t be sure what’s in store for them in life, but they are so thankful for the six little blessings they received and were able to collect. Your kids couldn’t have dreamed of better parents, that’s for sure.


Other couples may have panicked at the news of having twins and then triplets, but the Tolberts took it in stride, viewing pregnancies as blessings and part of the plan from above. They have the right attitude in life, which is why they seem so happy and satisfied despite all the challenges. Bravo for them!

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