10 Foods to Avoid for White and Strong Teeth

The smile is a reflection of your soul, or in this case your diet. Many foods commonly consumed today are extremely harmful to dental health. They reduce the adhesion of the gums to the teeth, weaken the enamel and discolor it. 

This not only leads to a less beautiful smile, but also to a variety of dental problems. We’ve compiled a list of 10 foods to avoid to keep your smile bright and healthy.

#10 Soft Drinks

10 foods to avoid for strong, white teeth

It is well known that the consumption of soft drinks leads to all sorts of ailments. They produce excess acid, which weakens tooth enamel and makes teeth extremely sensitive and weak.

Black fizzy drinks also stain teeth, making them darker than they otherwise would be. They also induce plaque, which also produces more acid.

#9 Chew ice cream

10 foods to avoid for strong, white teeth

Many people seem unaware of the harm caused by chewing ice: it’s water, they say. But the fact that solid ice when chewing not only weakens teeth, but also breaks tooth enamel.

When tooth enamel is damaged, teeth become more susceptible to other harmful foods. So please enjoy water in its natural, harmless liquid form and thank us.

#8 Saure Bonbons

10 foods to avoid for strong, white teeth

No wonder candy affects oral health. All kinds of sweets damage teeth in one way or another. The worst, however, are sour sweets.

They stick to the teeth and produce more acid. The effect also lasts much longer than traditional sweets. They also damage tooth enamel and turn it yellow.

Casserole #7

10 foods to avoid for strong, white teeth

The bread consists almost entirely of starch. Starches stick to the teeth and breadcrumbs get stuck in the spaces between the teeth and form plaque there.

This serves as a breeding ground for plaque and can penetrate deeper into cavities. Amylase in saliva also breaks down starches into simpler sugars, producing more acid that damages teeth.

#6 berries

10 foods to avoid for strong, white teeth

Although the berries do not affect oral hygiene, they still stain teeth severely. In addition, sour berries act like sour candies as sour products.

This acid weakens teeth and damages tooth enamel, making them more susceptible to tooth decay and infection.

#5 citrus fruits

10 foods to avoid for strong, white teeth

Citrus fruits are extremely rich in vitamin C and therefore have a positive effect on human health. However, they are also acidic and therefore produce significant amounts of acid, which damages teeth and weakens tooth enamel.

Citrus fruits can also weaken the adhesion of gums to teeth, and overconsumption of these fruits can significantly weaken teeth.

#4 Tomatoes

10 foods to avoid for strong, white teeth

Like citrus fruits, tomatoes are also acidic. This does not only apply to tomatoes fresh from the garden. But the acidity of the tomato is also found in tomato sauces and stews that are served on pasta and pizzas.

This acidity weakens the teeth and also increases their sensitivity to various foods.

No. 3 French fries

10 foods to avoid for strong, white teeth

Potatoes are high in carbohydrates, which hydrolyze into glucose when they come into contact with saliva in the mouth. This creates a simple but potentially harmful type of tooth decay. It also stains teeth and damages tooth enamel.

Rinsing your mouth and removing any clumps in your mouth from your teeth is highly recommended.

#2 Alcohol

10 foods to avoid for strong, white teeth

Alcohol isn’t just bad for the liver and skin. Also, it significantly affects your oral hygiene and health. Your mouth dries up; so saliva comes out of your mouth.

Saliva is a natural protection of the teeth. It also helps keep tooth enamel intact and fights early oral disease. So avoid alcohol and drink plenty of water for healthier teeth.

#1 Nuts

10 foods to avoid for strong, white teeth

Although walnuts are extremely healthy for the body, their oral effects are not. Many nuts are soft and therefore stick to your teeth.

There they damage tooth enamel and produce glucose, which can cause tooth decay. It is therefore advisable to clean these fruits immediately after chopping them. And also that we eat natural versions.

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