10 DIY Greenhouse Ideas and How to Build Them

When it comes to greenhouses, there are various types and designs that you can build yourself, even if you’re not an expert. Building your own greenhouse can be a rewarding and cost-effective project that allows you to grow plants and vegetables year-round while promoting sustainability and reducing your carbon footprint. With the right materials and a little planning, anyone can create a functional and beautiful greenhouse in their backyard. Here are 10 DIY greenhouse ideas to inspire you:

Little Greenhouse with Cedar Planks or Recycled Window

This small greenhouse is perfect if you have limited space. You can use cedar planks or repurpose a window to save time and effort during construction. The movable lid allows for air circulation and seedling acclimation. With simple power tools, you can build this greenhouse in a few hours.

Lean-to Greenhouse

A lean-to greenhouse is attached to an existing house or built against a building wall. By covering the roof and three sides with greenhouse sheeting material, you can create an enclosure. This design is convenient as it provides easy access to utilities like water and electricity from the main building and requires fewer materials due to its smaller size.

Plastic Bottle Greenhouse

This greenhouse utilizes plastic bottles as an excellent insulator to protect plants. On warmer days, you can prop open the lid with bamboo canes to increase airflow. It’s a great project to involve kids in recycling and growing plants in a vegetable garden.

Geodome Greenhouse

Inspired by the famous biomes at the Eden Project, this geodome greenhouse features a wooden frame made of stained red cedar or pine. You can choose from various materials such as greenhouse plastic, film, shrink film, or polycarbonate sheets for the glass panels. Hinges on some of the windows help prevent overheating.

A-Frame Greenhouse

A-Frame greenhouses have a triangular frame with the apex facing upward. They can be supported by a foundation or legs accessible from the ground. These greenhouses provide increased surface area for sunlight exposure and are often used for heating ducts and greenhouse tunnels. They are easy to construct and require minimal tools.

Recycled Window Greenhouse

If you can find discarded windows, this is an inexpensive way to build a greenhouse. It creates a beautiful and environmentally friendly structure. After creating a base and an elevated frame, construction is quick and easy. Add window boxes, planters, and hanging baskets for a personalized touch.

Fold-Down Greenhouse

This wall-mounted greenhouse can be folded down like a canopy to protect delicate plants from frost. Constructed using PVC pipes and plastic sheeting, it is lightweight and adjustable. Pre-cut PVC pipes can save construction time.

Mini Plastic Cup Greenhouse

Give young plants their own miniature greenhouses using cheap plastic pint glasses. These glasses fit upside-down on plastic plant pots and saucers, creating a controlled environment for steady growth.

Shelving Units as Greenhouse

Metal or plastic-coated shelf units are ideal for withstanding weather conditions. Fasten the cover to the shelf unit or weigh it down with stones or heavy timber to prevent toppling in windy areas.

Clear Umbrella Greenhouse

Clear umbrellas can be repurposed as greenhouse covers, providing heat insulation and protection from rain. Stack circular pots together and place the umbrella on top. Secure the umbrella to prevent it from blowing away.

These DIY greenhouse ideas offer a range of options to suit different needs and spaces. Choose the one that best fits your requirements and start building your own greenhouse. Enjoy the benefits of growing plants and vegetables year-round while being environmentally conscious.

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